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An opportunity presents itself to Morocco as many foreign contractors turn to more local supply.

Morocco Largest Arab Exporter to Brazil in January

By Safaa Kasraoui

Rabat – In January 2021, Morocco exported $100 million of goods to Brazil, making the country the top Arab exporter to the country .

According to data from the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC), Morocco had the most sales, claimed Brazil. Morocco’s exports to Brazil were up by 95.5%.


Moroccan exports to Brazil with the most growth were fertilizers (118.3%), inorganic chemicals (137.9%), and seafood (44.2%). Morocco and Brazil share good trade cooperation.

In 2020, Moroccan exports to Brazil reached $1.2 billion, making Brazil the third-largest customer after France and Spain.

Brazil’s trade with all Arab countries climbed by 17.3% in January compared to the previous year.

Arab countries trade with Brazil totaled $1.22 billion in January, according to data from ABCC.

Brazil’s revenue from exports to the Arab countries also rose to $891.85 million, representing a 7.4% increase.

Brazil’s trade surplus however, dropped 9.2% in comparison to 2019. The change is due to the increased exports from other Arab countries. Brazil and Morocco vowed to continue to boost cooperation in different industries.

In 2020, experts from the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (APEX-Brazil), and the Arab Brazilian commerce chamber explored opportunities in Morocco’s health sector.

The experts spoke about Morocco’s assets during a webinar, showing Morocco as among the five leading Arab importers of Brazilian healthcare products. Brazil has also a remarkable number of Moroccan residents.

Last year, the commerce chamber said that Moroccans represent 6% of the Arab community established in Brazil.

The total number of Moroccans in the country is as many as 696,600 people.


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