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ITMA Live presents ‘Forging Ahead Amidst a Pandemic’

ITMA Live Interview Series is here!

The textile and garment industry has survived – and succeeded – every crisis it has faced over the years and surely it’s going to do it this time as well.

2020 will go down in history as the year of COVID-19 crisis, a global pandemic that has impacted people and businesses.


In these tough times, ITMA Live is out with ITMA Live Interview Series, which will present some of the success stories of textile and garment industry leaders who have remained agile and resilient – exploring new opportunities or even contributing to the community.

These leaders have not only been successful in what they did but continue to remain inspirational for all their initiatives.

The ITMA Live Interview Series ‘Forging Ahead Amidst a Pandemic’ will premiere on 15 September 2020 (Tuesday).

You can catch the interview of the following leaders at https://www.itma.com/#itmalive

Alex Zucchi, MD Shareholder, Ferraro S.p.a (15 September)

Luc Tack, MD, Picanol Group (29 September)

Tsunanori Nomura, Operating Officer, Sales & Marketing Department, Textile Machinery Division, Murata Machinery (13 October)

Julie Davis, General Manager, Processing Innovation & Education Extension, The Wool mark Company (27 October)

Alberto Candiani, Global Manager, Candiani Denim (10 November)

Shirley Chan, Senior Director, Product Commercialisation and Quality, Arc’teryx Equipment (24 November)

Dr. Ingo Mählmann, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Oerlikon Nonwovens (8 December)

Anil Rajvanshi, Senior Executive Vice President, Head Regulatory Affairs (Petchem), Reliance Industries (19 January 2021).

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