Intertex Tunisia 2023

Intertex Tunisia: A Boost for Tunisia’s Growing Textile Industry

The Intertex Tunisia exhibition took place from October 19 to 21, 2023, at the Sousse Exhibition Center in Tunisia, and it welcomed over 170 companies. Among the exhibitors, Turkey, China, and India had the most prominent presence.

This fair, held in Tunisia, serves as a significant event in North Africa, contributing to the expansion of the textile industry on the continent.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, Mr. Serhan Pul, CEO of the company organizing the event, stated in an interview with Kohan Textile Journal: “Tunisia’s textile industry has become an attractive market for international companies like us, whose priority is to increase trade volume and make continuous investments in Tunisia. After a thorough market assessment, we concluded that Tunisia enjoys better business relations with other countries and exhibits a stronger work ethic compared to other African nations. This led us to organize Intertex Tunisia and successfully launch the first edition in 2018. The event, which started as a boutique version with the participation of reputable international companies, has gained momentum each year, attracting more participants.”

Tunisia, with a population of around 14 million people, ranks among the countries in Africa with a well-established textile industry, alongside nations like Egypt, Morocco, and Algeria.

Mr. Bahadir Ozer, Sales Manager of the Intertex Tunisia Exhibition, shared insights with the Kohan Textile Journal, saying, “The African continent holds significant potential in the textile and clothing industry, and with new investments, it is evolving into a new hub for the global textile industry. Africa boasts a labor force with competitive wages, and the textile industry presents a viable solution to address unemployment issues in the region. Textile and clothing exhibitions in Africa have the potential to ensure sustainable growth for African countries, although more attention should be given to infrastructure development across the continent.”

Key Highlights of Tunisia’s Textile and Clothing Industry:

  • Over 2,100 active textile and clothing companies with ten or more employees, generating approximately 200,000 job opportunities.
  • 83% of these companies engage in exporting some or all of their products.
  • 1,124 companies and factories operate with 100% foreign capital or in collaboration with predominantly European stakeholders.
  • The annual revenue from textile product exports amounts to 4,000 million Tunisian dinars.
  • More than 170 million Tunisian dinars are invested in this industry annually.

Tunisia’s textile and clothing sector shines as a prominent industry in the country, playing a vital role in the Tunisian economy. After agriculture, the textile industry stands as a significant contributor, representing 22% of Tunisia’s exports. Additionally, within the industrial sector, 42% of total job creation can be attributed to the textile industry.

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