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Iran is one of the world’s largest producers of machine-made carpet with more than 95 million sqm production annually, with the world-famous city of Kashan, located in Isfahan Province, home to 75% of production facilities.

Innovation, the key to survival in the carpet industry

By: Dr Mansour Dayary – Faculty Member oF Islamic Azad University oF Kashan

Innovation, the key to survival in the carpet industry
The fact is that in industries and businesses where there is intense competition between competitors, two key factors can guarantee companies’ survival and even lead the industry, one “emphasizing the competitive advantage of the company” and the other “innovation and creativity”. 

A) Emphasis on competitive advantage

Every company has an advantage in its industry and business environment that either its other competitors do not, or at least very few competitors have the same competitive advantage.

Finding a competitive advantage within a company is not a difficult task. Simply ask the company executives what their company can do in a carpet business environment compared to competitors that other competitors are unable or at least unable to do well or At least a few competitors can have that advantage.

For example, a company that has a say in the pallet industry and is a pioneer in the carpet industry, its competitive advantage among competitors is the art of creating new color pallets that other competitors even imitate. Therefore, such a company must focus all its strengths on its strengths so that competitors will not be able to easily approach that company.

Maintaining and emphasizing competitive advantage for a company is a very important element in a competitive world.

Companies that jump into this branch of the carpet business space cannot survive long-term among their competitors. It should not be forgotten that every company has potential in a particular field, and that is its potential strength in the carpet business. This is the strength of his competitive advantage over competitors and leaves him a winner in continuing to live and succeed in the carpet industry.

Therefore, managers of carpet companies must never forget the important principle of “focusing on and emphasizing the competitive advantage of the company” in order to be successful in staying competitive in the industry.

Iran Carpet History

B- Innovation and creativity

As previously mentioned, carpet companies have been operating in an environment where competition ha intensified, especially in recent years. If you look at any part of the dynamic carpet industry, it sometimes seems as though everything has come to a head, meaning “what else can be done?” There is an industry in every part of it.

For example, carpet design over the past two decades has crossed the boundaries of design and role and color, and hundreds of new and modern designs are created each year to the extent that the consumer chooses a vastly different world of colour and map when choosing and buying a carpet. He sees his audience and is amazed at the choice of his favourite rug.

On the other hand, when looking at the raw materials sector in the industry, there is a wide variety of different raw materials used (yarn and fibers) ranging from acrylic and polyester and polypropylene yarns to viscose, bamboo, medals and more. Carpet mats have been used in the last two decades.

Variety in consumer yarns from ordinary and heated to high-heeled and high-fibre and high-fibre yarns all show the intense competition for yarn diversity in the industry, with leading carpet companies experiencing the use of the aforementioned yarns. And they are looking for newer raw materials, the raw materials that these companies can use to be the “first” in the carpet industry and to distance themselves from competitors.

Machine-made carpet exports up by 60%
Machine-made carpet exports up by 60%

Also in terms of longitudinal and shoulder density, the carpet industry in Iran has moved even the frontiers of global technology in this industry and today many carpet companies have become a serious competitor in producing high and high-quality carpets.

However, if you consider the design and role and color, type of fibers and yarn, longitudinal and comb density, different finishes of yarn and carpet, variety of packaging and advertising and new types of carpet sales as a separate component of the industry, you can see. The competition is very heavy.

The question is: what is the next step?

Undoubtedly, the next step for companies looking to stay in the industry is to pay more attention to innovation and creativity. A recent step by some carpet companies is taking it off as a silent but creepy and motivating lamp. The fact is that in the competitive and fast-paced environment of the Iranian carpet industry, the only companies that win are and will be the ones that have something new to say.

These companies are looking for creativity in the carpet industry and product, paying attention to innovation, and by strengthening the company’s technical and expert body, creating a R&D unit in the company in the true sense, employing expert consultants and updating The knowledge of their managers, specialists and employees has institutionalized the drive for innovation and creativity in their company. It should be borne in mind, however, that stepping into new ways that no other competitor has yet, at times, has costly costs that can only be sustained in this industry.


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