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Great ideas turn into technology at ITM 2020

Great ideas turn into technology at ITM 2020

The ITM 2020 trade fair, which will be held from 2-6 June, will be organised by Teknik Fairs and Tüyap Tüm Fuarcilik Yapim, in partnership and with cooperation of Temsad (Textile Machinery and Accessories Industrialists’ Association). The show, which is known for its international success, will guide the textile machinery industry in terms of news ideas and launching of new technologies.

Technology is developing more rapidly every year. Many companies await the international textile machinery exhibition to introduce their latest developments to the global audience, organisers report. “The ITM event, held every two years, provide the manufacturers with the opportunity to connect and share their innovation,” they say. “This is where thousands of domestic and international exhibitors and visitors meet. The trade fair held in Istanbul enables participants from all over the world to collaborate and help bringing European and Asian suppliers and buyers together.”

 In 2018, the show hosted 1,150 exhibitors. © ITM


After ITM 2018 broke the record with around 59,000 visitors from 94 countries, ITM 2020 is expecting to set new records in terms of the number of exhibitors and visitors. In 2018, the show hosted 1,150 exhibitors from 64 countries, registering a 20% increase in country diversity, compared to the previous fair in 2016. In addition, the procurement committee featured delegates from many countries, including Albania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Moldova and Tunisia.

ITM 2018 broke the record with around 59,000 visitors. © ITM

International delegations from Iran, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Panama, Czech Republic and Russia also visited the show. The second largest Free Zone in the world, Panama Colon Free Zone took part with its stand.

Turkey broke a record in 2018, with US$ 168 billion in exports. For 2019, US$ 200 billion in exports are planned. “2018 was a historical year for Turkey’s exports, in spite of the trade wars, Brexit, rising populism and regional conflicts. Our exports reached US$ 168 billion, a record-breaking amount in the history of the Republic,” said İsmail Gülle, Chairman of TIM (Turkey Exporters Assembly).

“We can boost our exports if we start designing, producing and exporting technology instead of just using it,” he said. “It is important that we make our exports sustainable and permanent.”

ITM brings together European and Asian suppliers and buyers. © ITM

“I believe that our industry can grow much faster by increasing our share with new initiatives, and with trade shows like ITM,” continued Mr . “ITM is an organisation, which has become a brand in our country both by bringing together all the players in the industry and allowing us to keep up with the new technologies in machinery.”

Target markets for 2019 include Africa, as well as the South American and Asian markets. Exports to the US account for well over US$ 600 million of the total textiles and raw materials exports, amounting to US$ 794 million in 2018.

“We are expecting ITM 2020 to bring in large gains, due to the high quality of the event,” said Ahmed Öksüz, Chairman of ITHIB (Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters’ Association). “It is very important for our country to host ITM exhibition, because we can clearly see our country’s strategic position acting as a bridge between the East and the West.”




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