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Carpet and Rug outshine your design

Shima Javan Interior Design

Shima Javan, founder, and principal of Shima Javan Interior Design is a Persian – Canadian interior architect and designer, doing both residential and commercial projects. “I have had a passion for design and decoration since I was a teenager and loved to accompany my dad while visiting his architectural projects and I was craving to learn from him.

We used to travel a lot and I derived a lot of inspiration from Iranian contemporary architects, artists and designers and extended it by traveling more often to Europe.


Visiting architectural sites around the world instilled within me a desire for creating beauty and uniqueness. My love for interior design is evident in my precise attention to detail and inspiring sense of harmony and aesthetics.

I like things that are glamorous. Rug is one of those. Carpet and Rugs can outshine your design. They can be a game changer on how a room looks and feels. They can be harmonious with your room or can add an element of amazement to a space. You can introduce pattern and colour with your chosen rug and add warmth and character through it.

They not only provide a decorative element but can be the perfect solution to sound absorption especially if you have hardwood or tiled floors. However, it’s necessary to select a sustainable and eco-friendly carpet to help our planet.

To me a sustainable carpet will, ideally, be manufactured by use of recycled and natural raw materials. Wool carpet, cotton or sisal can be great examples. I feel so responsible for my clients as they are part of the mother planet, and we all need to take care of it by playing even a small role. I try so hard to pick materials in my designs that has no harm to the planet or at least has a very minimum effect. This is the least I can do, and I know what an important role it might have.

I design an interior space from scratch including materials and fixtures. Doing renovations on any scale. Coordinating with an architect from the start-up sketches to build a house from the ground up, such as furniture layout, kitchen and closet design, bathrooms, bedrooms, and stairs. Art positioning, decoration, and even minor cosmetic changes are among the services I provide.

I have started from Iran and Dubai 14 years ago, then I moved to Canada-Vancouver and now it has been almost 4 years I am doing interior design and architecture here. Due to COVID, I couldn’t be able to go back to Middle-east and do more projects because of travel restrictions, but it was a very busy era in our field. The pandemic has caused a sea change in how we live, work, and recreate.

As a designer I have always designed a home office but never thought my clients might ever work from there 5 days a week! Patios are playing a much more important role in people’s lives as they spend more times at home and need to breath a fresh air in their breaks! Most people have decided to move to houses or townhomes to get a privacy in their basement to work! Pandemic made us to rethink the importance of where we live. It not only should shelter us but more importantly should have the function and the meaning.

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