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7 good reasons to be in Domotex Hannover


Domotex Hannover: There are many reasons to be the Domotex and visit the exhibition as a participant or as an exhibitor. Each reason can be effective and important to improve sales performance, to better marketing and to be more successful among carpet and flooring industry activists.

1- To be among the best

Presence in Domotex Hannover exhibition means being among the bests. About 1,500 companies from 80 countries around the world will provide you with a selection of the latest innovations, designs, plans, and products in their exhibition stand.
Attending the Domotex Hannover exhibition will bring you thousands of creative ideas for starting or developing a business in the field of floor coverings, machine-made carpets and floor carpets, which may improve your path of business in an extraordinary way.

Domotex gathers bests of different parts of the flooring industry, such as machine-made carpets, hand-woven carpets, parquet, elastic floorings, tufting carpets, installation and maintenance technologies for flooring types, etc.

2- Around the world in four days

Imagine you want to visit all the companies of your business field all around the world. Imagine traveling to Belgium, Germany or Switzerland to buy machinery and spare parts, to Turkey, India or China to buy carpet yarn, and to Africa to market your carpets or negotiate with African businessmen.

Don’t worry, to check all of them you only need 4 days and a round-trip ticket to Hanover. Meeting more than a thousand of the world’s top companies and more than 45 thousand specialized visitors provides a trip around the world in 4 days.
Powerful countries in the carpet production industry in the world such as Turkey, India, Belgium, Holland, China and Iran with a presence in Domotex increases or stabilizes their exports in a stunning way.

3- Keep yourself update

The world is a world of progress and technology nowadays and it moves upward continuously. Standing still means staying off the progress. To be present in global markets and to produce and sell successfully, you need to always be up-to-date and monitor what is happening around you.

Domotex Hannover creates a space for you to keep yourself updated for the next year and get to know what is happening in the world of machine-made carpets and related industries.
Be aware that we are in the era of communication and the more you are ahead of your competitors in the market in technic and information, the more your success will be guaranteed.

In this year’s Domotex exhibition, attention to environmental issues and green and sustainable production is a priority, and many companies will display recyclable products and carpets in the exhibition, and the future trends of the carpet industry will be determined.

4- An anthology of the bests for the bests

Be sure to prepare yourself before attending the exhibition. Be there with your hand full. Full of what? Domotex Hannover is the place to showcase your best products and services for the bests of the carpet and flooring industry from around the world.

Don’t waste time in Domotex. Plan for every hour.Display carpets in your booth which are what the market likes, not what you like. Know the market appetite!

Your favourite carpet are not necessarily your customer’s favourite. If you do not have complete knowledge of the market, try to have a carpet for every taste. Try to take the designers of the company with you on your trip to Germany. Carpet designers can better analyze and evaluate customers’ tastes due to their mastery of designs and patterns and may not let customers go away.

5- Meetings and side events of the exhibition

Side events with benefits are held every year at Domotex Hannover, which may be your interest. Innovative seminars, carpet design competitions, the annual meeting of the world’s flooring associations, wooden flooring conferences, and the presentation of the best innovative products are such events.

6- Communications worth gold bars

If you have followed the cartoons of the children’s program when you were a child, you must remember that the fox in the stories always saw his prey in the form of a roasted chicken, and the closer he got to it, the more makes its mouth water!

The visitors to your booth or the buyers you will meet at Domotex Hannover are very valuable. Of course, you are not a fox and you cannot see your customers in the form of roast chickens. But believe me, most of the traders and merchants you will meet at the exhibition are so valuable that they remind you of moving gold bars.

Work on each person you meet at the fair and evaluate and categorize their comments. Add them to your list of potential customers and be sure that each of them can be your permanent gold mine.

7- Don’t be selfish. Teamwork makes future

Give your team members the opportunity to benefit from the exhibition. Definitely instead of turning the trip into a leisure trip, Try to take some worthy employees of the company with you to the exhibition and use this unique opportunity for empathy, thinking, training and improving the intellectual level of your worthy employees.

Give each of them a task and be sure that paying a few thousand euros for them will be back in many times with effectiveness in improving and upgrading their work level.

No matter how much you spend to update and improve the level of your competent employees, it will back soon. Even invite them to a restaurant in Hanover for a night and ask their opinion about the exhibition and their assessment for the company’s progress.

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