OBJECT CARPET: The World’s Most Sustainable Carpet

Sustainable Forever

Summit International Flooring, representing OBJECT CARPET who is working hand in hand with Niaga (“Again” spelled backward) to develop an entirely innovative carpet design. *drum roll* Introducing NEOO, “designed for endless life”, a mono-material carpet and the very first of its kind. NEOO can be recycled into a new carpet – over and over again – until the end of time.

Both the carpet and the backing are made of PET Polyester. The backing is attached through a heat process, which results in a latex-free carpet that does not require the backing to be removed or other processing in order for the materials to be recycled. Today’s polyester yarn is not like yesteryear. Polyester yarn is twisted and heat set and will perform very well, with the added benefit of being naturally resistant to staining and fading.

Award-Winning Sustainability

This innovative carpet has already won several awards, including the ICONIC AWARD 2023: Innovative Interior “Best of Best”:

“OBJECT CARPET has closed the material cycle with the NEOO carpet made entirely of mono-material polyester and therefore fully recyclable. The carpet is impressive because of its high-quality aesthetics and high degree of durability and dirt resistance. A great example of perfectly combined aesthetics, functionality and environmental protection.”

You will absolutely love the quality of this 100% recyclable carpet, and you will also love being a steward of the Earth.

We are confident that NEOO by OBJECT CARPET is leading the way for all carpet manufacturers to transition to more eco-friendly practices, but for now, we are first!



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