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Morocco Textile Exhibitions

Why Morocco is an attractive place for Textile Exhibition Organizers?

By: Behnam Ghasemi – Kohan Textile Journal

in the last five years, many fashion and textile exhibitions and events organized and planned by the international and local textile exhibition organizers and there is a severe competition between them literally. 

the most important textile exhibition organizers which are active in Morocco in the last five years mention below : 



1-Organizer: Pyramid Group Fairs A.S

Exhibition name: Morocco Fashion and Tex / Morocco Hometex / Morocco leather and shoes

New date: 25 – 28 March 2021

Venue: Foire Internationale de Casablanca Expo Center, Casablanca – Morocco


2-Organizer: CEMS Global

Exhibition name: 2nd Morocco Int’l Yarn & Fabric Sourcing Show 2020 (International exhibition on Yarn & Fabric Manufacturers & Suppliers focused to the Moroccan Textile & Apparel Industry)

New date: 04 – 07 November 2020

Venue: Foire Internationale de Casablanca Expo Center, Casablanca – Morocco


3-Organizer: Amith (Morocco Textile and fashion association)

Exhibition name: Maroc in Mode / Maroc Sourcing 

New date: (it can be change due to Covid-19) 17-18 October 2020 

Venue: Marrakech Expo Center – Morocco

Morocco Textile Exhibitions

The oldest textile and fashion exhibition in Morocco belongs to Pyramid group Fairs (Morocco Fashion and Tex / Morocco Hometex / Morocco leather and shoes) which organized since March 2015 in Casablanca.

the interesting thing is that Morocco textile and fashion market is very attractive for textile manufacturer countries such as China, Turkey, India and …which China market share is dramatically higher than others and a big part of exhibitors who attend to Morocco textile and fashion exhibitions are Chinese.

for example, Morocco Fashion and Tex exhibition organized last year with around 4000 net sqm but near 2500 sqm of it belong to China Paviliontht present a vast range of yarn, fabric, textile and fashion accessories, leather products and …

definitely one of the most important reasons to organize a textile exhibition in Morocco is Chinese textile companies curiosity about the market and China Government subsidies and supports to push Chinese textile manufacturers to enter the Africa market and increasing export rate. 

at the same time, high demand for textile material such as all kind of yarn, fabric, textile chemicals, textile auxiliaries and … from Morocco textile Manufacturers is another driven force for organizers. 

textile industry after tourism and hospitality is one of the most important sectors in Morocco revenue and it has a significant role in Morocco economy as one of the best and stable economies in Africa Continent in the last 10 year.

however it is too early to conclude success of textile exhibitions in Morocco and still, we need more time to evaluate the results but it suppose to if Morocco Textile exhibitions only become a place for Chinese exhibitors and Chinese textile products and international exhibitors don’t participate in higher-level it can not be useful events and doesn’t help to development and improvement of Morocco Textile Industry.

Morocco Textile Exhibitions

Why Textile Exhibition in Morocco?

Located at the apex of North-west Africa and across the 14 km Strait of Gibraltar from Spain, the Kingdom of Morocco is the Regional and International hub, having benefitted from its advantageous geographic location at the crossroads between Europe and Africa, has served as a very important Business hub between Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Morocco has not only deepened its economic and security ties with the EU, but also with the Gulf states and China.

According to the Oxford Business Group 2018 report on Morocco, it is North Africa’s most politically and economically stable country.



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