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Turkish carpets adorn homes worldwide

Turkish carpets adorn homes worldwide

Turkey is the world leader in the export of carpet, As of the third quarter of 2019, it generated $ 1 billion 801 million in revenues from exports.


Both the richness of motifs at every stage of its history, and thanks to its fine weaving methods, Turkish carpets left the world fascinated. Intense interest in the Turkish carpet also increased exports.

According to Turkey Statistical Institute (TUIK) and the International Trade Center (ITC)’s data, Turkey is still the world leader in carpet export. Turkey, as the leader of world carpet exports in 2018 to 2.7 billion dollars, made a difference of about one billion dollars to his closest rival, Belgium.


Great interest from USA

Turkey’s carpet exports performed all over the world since the third quarter of 2019 was 1 billion 801 million dollars.

The most demanded from the United States, Turkish carpets adorned homes in many countries of the world. Among the countries that export carpets are USA, Germany, Argentina, Thailand, Mongolia, Mauritania, New Zealand and Australia. Carpet exports to the US exceeded 453 million dollars.

The United States was followed by Saudi Arabia with $ 277.9 million, Germany with $ 88.8 million, Iraq with $ 82.8 million and the United Kingdom with $ 81.9 million. In addition to these countries, sales are made to 170 countries.

The Target is 3 Billion Dollars

Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM)’s Chairman of Carpet Industries Selahattin Kaplan said that the industry’s 2020 target is 3 billion dollars. Kaplan stated that polypropylene blended carpets and high quality bamboo viscose woven carpets are especially preferred among carpet types.

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