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Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan speaks during a videoconference on Restructuring Global Supply Chains, Ankara, Turkey, (AA Photo)

Turkey to establish logistics centers in Africa, Americas, Europe, Far East

Turkey plans to establish logistics centers in strategic areas in Africa, the Americas, Europe and the Far East, the country’s trade minister said.

The centers aim to enable Turkish goods to reach customers in foreign markets in the fastest way and at affordable costs, Ruhsar Pekcan said in a statement.

“Sustainable export growth will be achieved to these regions with these centers, which will increase Turkey’s competitiveness in international markets,” Pekcan said. “We will establish the logistics centers that we aim to launch as soon as possible in a way that can serve within the framework of the demands and needs of our exporters.”


Ankara aims to ensure that export products are delivered to new markets most effectively by increasing the efficiency of exporters’ supply and distribution chains.

Within this scope, Pekcan said, creating the necessary infrastructure opportunities that will improve export performance in important markets is among the priorities of the ministry.

The minister informed that support of up to $5 million will be provided to cooperative organizations regarding their works for the establishment of the centers, including the set up itself, investment, IT, licensing and permit costs.

The organizations will be provided annual support of up to $3 million for the expenses of the rents of the units they open and commission and handling expenses. Some $700,000 will be offered annually for the advertising, promotional and marketing activities as well as for the employment and expenses for procurement of consultancy services.

Pekcan also said users in these centers will be provided with a $100,000 annual support for logistics expenses, such as customs clearance, inventory management and storage.

Pekcan, who pointed out that logistics centers covered by the ministry will be supported for five years, said those with an average capacity utilization rate of at least 50% in the last three years will be given an additional period of up to five years. The total support period will not exceed 10 years, she added.

The centers will consist of areas that provide storage, loading and unloading, handling, shipment, cargo unification and division services.

“With logistics centers, Turkish products will be able to reach new markets more easily. These centers, which will increase Turkey’s competitiveness in international markets, will serve as a distribution center, and sustainable export growth will be achieved to these regions,” Pekcan said.

The centers will also provide services and support that Turkish e-commerce enterprises may need in terms of logistics, the minister added.

“In addition, the centers will play an important role in transforming e-commerce initiatives, whose share in global trade is rapidly growing, into successful investments by increasing their logistics capabilities,” Pekcan said. “From this point of view, the centers will also play an important role in developing and accelerating our country’s e-exports with digitized solutions.”

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