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evteks istanbul

The Gateway to the World EVTEKS Istanbul

tamar-branitzky designer evteksTamar Branitzky, one of the most colourful textile artists in the world, will be welcomed at the EVTEKS Istanbul seminars. Mainly engaged in the research of new surfaces and prints, which is a unique development in the contemporary craft world, Ms.Branitzky will come together with her visitors on the “Design Seminars” area between August 25-29.

Born in 1984, the multicolour textile artist and designer, Tamar Branitzky graduated from Shenkar College for engineering and design Israel in 2009 and graduate with M.DES from Bezalel academy of Arts and Designs in 2016. The artist, working from her studio in Tel Aviv, established in 2010, explores prints and patterns inspired by the beauty around her. She takes the benefits of the digital print technology and uses it to bring to life to her original and vivid collages made of organic materials inspired by different landscapes. Ms.Branitzky translates her romantic feelings into artistic scarves, decorative pillows, upholstery, wallpaper, and artworks in her collections. Everything in her studio is handmade and signed by her.

Tamar Branitzky also developed one-of-a-kind fabrics stitched together and exposed to a unique chemical process. These fabrics are called “BO1 Broken Silk”. They look old and crumbled, yet, they are new, durable, soft, and poetic. Various shapes and sizes can be used for fashion or interior designs.


evteks istanbul

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