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Temsan will emphasize on the Domestic Production in KTM 2019

Temsan will emphasize on the Domestic Production in KTM 2019

Temsan, the expert brand of air conditioning and solutions, is preparing to take part in KTM 2019 with its slasher machine which is a Turkish engineering project.

In Turkey and in the world, one of the first company comes to mind about air conditioning is the Temsan Machine, also carried out on the machine production like air conditioning solutions via using this “Proudly Native” slogan.

Temsan continues its activities in Kahramanmaraş with its long years of knowledge accumulation and engineering experience, and finally made its name in the world with the  slasher dyeing machine it produces for the local market.

Temsan will introduce the local production slasher machine and the advantages offered at KTM 2019 International Kahramanmaraş Textile Machinery Fair.


Advantages Of Local Production Will Be Introduced

Temsan Board Member Cem Kesim stated that they have become the leader of Eurasia in air conditioner sector with their production capacity and quality, service speed and market share and that they have made a difference to the market with their slasher machines.

Cem Kesim said that the system they developed enables the user to purchase and work at optional capacity when compared to conventional machines and stated, “The slasher machines operating in the market can reach a production capacity of 700.000-750.00 m per month and this machine can produce up to 1.300.000 m per month with optional purchasing options. As the machine reaches this capacity, business and operating costs are only up by 12 percent. This offers advantageous production, especially for commercial collection manufacturers.”

Kesim mentioned to the differences of the machine, which provides the possibility of working up to 16 boats in practice due to its design flexibility and added, “Another feature that makes the machine different is the longest oxidation path among the paint boats. Temsan has added a special air conditioning system to the application of this machine based on its experience in the effects of air conditioning techniques on yarn and fiber and increased the oxidation quality up to 4 percent during operation. Furthermore, it provides easy usage and adaptation for the users with its Turkish and English software.”

Temsan Machinery will introduce visitors to the developments in air conditioning and waste collection solutions in addition to the slasher machine at the International Kahramanmaraş Textile Machinery Fair KTM 2019, and will emphasize the power of local production.



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