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Savio is Preparing to Stamp on 2019 KTM

Savio is Preparing to Stamp on 2019 KTM

Savio, the creator of technologies that offer significant advantages to spinning companies is preparing to exhibit its innovative, automatic, energy-saving and Industry 4.0-containing solutions at the 5th KTM Fair.

Savio offers ideal winding systems for many different needs and develops new applications to meet the demands of its customers by supporting them with production methods and will participate in the KTM 2019 Fair for introduce the latest innovations in the textile market in Turkey.

Savio is preparing to exhibit its innovative, automatic, energy saving and Industry 4.0 solutions at the 5th International Kahramanmaraş Textile Machinery Fair. The world-renowned company, with the application of the Polar Evolution and EcoPulsarS winding machines, are able to process demanding yarns easily, thanks to their excellent knot shapes and special splicers and tension controllers for perfect package winding while monitoring non-standard values.

Savio’s Newest Solution: Multi Link

The latest solution from Savio is Multi Link, a custom built system that can connect multiple ring spinning machines to a Savio winding machine. A special iPeg tray allows the bobbins from the spinning machines to reach the correct address and easily circulate them to the winding machine. For the company, the solution optimizes space and reduces energy consumption and production costs.

It reduces service paths for automatic tube handling operators and provides an ergonomic material flow. According to Savio, production, space and energy costs are reduced, while maintaining quality even on long and multi-link machines.

Savio’s Regional Sales Manager Gabriele Tonin stated, “Nowadays, Savio’s product development process focuses on ‘smart’ components that need to transmit online data. With the possibility of progressive complexity (Basic, Enterprise or Manager), the new possibilities offered by connecting machines are being translated into different levels of Savio Industrial IoT. Three different Savio Industrial IoT levels are applied to Savio textile winding machines, each employs to a different Industry 4.0 reality. This includes all applications, from machine set-up, simple connection and machine data download to real-time interaction with the operator.”

Savio Smart Bracelet

Tonin said, “A leap in the quality of textile machines can be seen in new control systems, which allows employees to feel alarms directly on their wrists thanks to their smart watches.” and continued, “If a problem occurs in one of the winding machines, an abnormality signal is sent to the operator via a smart watch (Savio Smart Bracelet) and this system can also transmit the required intervention type, thus minimizing the downtime of the machines. With this data management system, Savio is a very modern and important tool that relieves factory operators’ burden in terms of time-consuming routine work. Thanks to data analytics, a large number of data is available to allow the best possible management of the different production stages and to take advantage of mobile devices by monitoring all important parameters anytime and anywhere.” and underlined all of these features enabling Savio customers to control overall equipment efficiency, improve quality, increase labor productivity and maximize the efficiency of uptime.

“Turkey is a reference for Savio in the Eurasian region”

Last year, Savio attended KTM and attracted the attention of the textile fair in 2018 and also made many innovations in the KTM Fair for the first time in Turkey.

Savio’s Regional Sales Manager Tonin responded to questions about its participation in the KTM 2019 and Turkey. Tonin said, “Turkey is one of the largest textile market for the Savio. For this reason, it is very important for the company to attract the attention of Turkish customers and support their new projects with the most advanced and automatic machines. With the establishment of 164 winding machines and 6280 two for one twisting spindles to Turkey in 2018, noticeable amount of orders received from Turkey and more than eight thousand bobbin delivered susbtantiating the reality that Turkey is a reference for Savio in the Eurasian region.”

Tonin said that Savio maintains its market presence in more than 50 years in Turkey and continued, “Turkish market is very important for the Savio. Today Savio has a presence in more than 50 years in Turkey and is one of the leading manufacturers in its’ chosen filed with the sales, service and spare parts centers. The success of both Polar Multicone and the new model Eco PulsarS in the past years, the positive feedback from our valued customers has enabled us to analyze this situation diligently that also has been reflected in the sales chart reaafirming the leading position in Turkish market. We would like to thank all our customers for placing their trust.”


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