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New quality label identifies trustworthy pet products
New quality label identifies trustworthy pet products

New quality label identifies trustworthy pet products

Safety, quality and durability are tested and certified.

BÖNNIGHEIM, Germany (December 8, 2021) – Textile testing partner Hohenstein has established a quality label for tested pet supplies to ensure product safety, quality and durability of pet blankets, beds, toys and other products.

The number of pets in private households is growing every year. With many caring for pets as full members of the family, U.S. pet owners spent $103.6 billion in 2020 (American Pet Products Association, 2021).

This quality label is designed for textile products such as blankets or pillows, clothing, toys or even horse blankets. The required testing validates quality, durability and safety from toxic substances. The product label provides pet owners with quick validation of quality claims.

Beyond its standard physical tests, the quality label can be flexibly extended depending on the intended use. Additional testing includes comfort and performance properties such as chew and scratch resistance, outdoor suitability, water repellence, waterproofness and air permeability.

The Hohenstein Quality Label – Tested Pet Supplies is independent proof of quality. It joins the ranks of existing Hohenstein quality labels that offer highly credible trust to customers in trade and consumer markets.

Test criteria can be found at Hohenstein.US

About Hohenstein

With more than 40 offices and laboratories, Hohenstein is an international partner for independent testing, certification and applied research around the human-textile-environment interaction. They develop science-based methods and standards that consider the user in real life, not just in the lab.


Through standard or customized testing, and interpretation of the results, Hohenstein experts solve problems, verify claims and help partners bring better, safer products to market – more sustainably. Hohenstein is a founding member and leading provider of the OEKO-TEX® portfolio of services, and is certified by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC ID #1058) as a third-party, independent laboratory for CPSIA compliance verification.


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