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Mix tiles: An additional design feature
Mix tiles: An additional design feature

Launching now: ReForm Radiant Reflections on polished surfaces

The ReForm Radiant collection interprets the everchanging ambience of fluctuations on shiny surfaces in a dynamic carpet design with a linear base pattern.

Radiant is available in carpet tiles, planks, wall-to-wall carpet and the innovative Figura shapes – and combined with the contrasting 96×96 cm Radiant Mix tiles featuring an almost sparkling expression like illuminated drops of water, you can create your very own energy concentration when exploiting the stylistic impact of your large floor surface.

An extra detail with great visual impact, Radiant Mix carpet tiles create dynamic transitions between two predefined colours.

A more sustainable choice with stripy and glittering effects
In this collection, the multi-level loop structure creates a rich texture that makes the reflecting pattern come to life. Inspired by the radiating scenes unfolding in both natural and urban environments, the collection is structured around ten colour groups and holds a high level of detail and finesse in both pattern and colour combinations. Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM, crafted from regenerated and regenerable yarn and fitted with our patented recycled Ecotrust backing, Radiant perfectly suits more sustainable flooring projects.

Ege Carpets
Founded in 1938 and consistently using the most advanced technology in the industry, Ege Carpets have developed into one of Europe’s leading carpet companies. Guided by the strategy; “We design beautiful carpets for a sustainable future”, we craft unique and more sustainable textile flooring by turning waste into resources while striving to keep components in closed circles to become CO2 positive.

Through nine sales offices and more than 50 partners around the world, we supply Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM carpets to architects and interior designers specialising in hospitality, office and marine projects, among others.

The design story: Linear and glittering effects
A ray of light attracts us like an irresistible magnetic force. Feeling drawn to the highly concentrated power of brightness, warmth and energising comfort, we instinctively lift our faces to allow the beams to nourish our bodies and minds. Likewise, fluctuations of sunlight on shiny surfaces have an almost hypnotic effect. Polished metal elements turn into living paintings with constantly changing patterns.

Contemporary architecture strictly defined by large glass sections disrupted by columns and rails creates a directional play of light and shadow. Radiant captures the ambiance in a radiating stripy base pattern and a sparkling colour transition available in ten tonal groups.


Mix tiles:An additional design feature

With the 96×96 cm Mix tiles, architects and interior designers get an extra design tool to create fluid yet almost sparkling flows between two predefined colours. Each Mix tile is a two-colour combination that blends into a smooth, effortless colour variation. There are several design options with Mix tiles. For instance, you can place a colour mix in the middle of your room while transitioning from a light tone to a dark tone throughout the floorscape or vice versa.

Or you can create several colour transitions across the floor by blending from light to dark to light again or the other way around. With this design flexibility, Mix tiles can define paths in big open rooms or create workspace or communal zoning.

Waste isn’t waste until it’s wasted

The Radiant collection is made from eco-responsible materials and bearing the Cradle to Cradle and Indoor Air Comfort Gold certifications, it’s a more green choice for any flooring project. We turn used plastic bottles into the patented Ecotrust felt backing. Bottles are transformed into a soft yet strong PET felt material that’s long lasting and has great acoustic performance.

All carpet tiles and planks come with this unique, patented backing. Abandoned fishing nets and other industrial waste are used for yarn that comprises many of the carpet constructions. Fishing nets account for one tenth of waste in the ocean, drifting for months and posing a threat to sea life. Once collected, the fishing nets are cleaned, broken down and reborn as strong, hardwearing yarn that is both regenerated and regenerable.


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