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100% wool carpet combines luxurious comfort and superior aesthetics into an experience crafted to pamper all senses. Featuring extreme colour saturation, pre-dyed wool excels in adding depth and contrast to your premium floor design.

If you seek the exquisite look and feel that only emanate from an entirely natural yarn, we offer the finest selection of 100% pure new wool, crafted from extra-long and thus extra-durable wool fibres originating from the UK.

All colours possible

Whether your interior is tailored to create an energetic space buzzing from vibrant diva colours, a soft setting toned down by natural hues or a classic combination of shades rich in traditions, colours are essential for creating the luxurious ambience only experienced in high-end hotels or cruise ships. With The wool concept, your colour choice is completely free and unlimited, so in reality you can choose from thousands of shades. Whether inspired from a piece of vintage fabric, a Pantone chart or yet undecided, we can meet your colour requests.

All patterns possible

From opulently majestic to soft organic or strictly minimalist expressions, we create entirely customised patterns suiting all requirements of your project. Each custom request is unique and so is our approach to fulfilling it. While meeting your design brief, our creative team is your guarantee that our high standards of craftmanship, comfort and quality are always met.

The Four Seasons Hotel Ritz in Lisbon, Portugal, offers a singular dining experience at restaurant CURA, where the Michelin-starred chef and head culinary curator meticulously selects all ingredients. A just as carefully designed custom Colortec carpet completes the ambience.

The wool constructions

The plush, almost bouncing, wool carpet surface adds a multi-sensuous dimension to your interior and the comfortable underlay even impacts the room temperature to be perceived higher than it is. In addition, the soft, thick structure brings improved acoustics when effectively capturing and holding onto noise. Our heavy commercial wear rated 100% pure new wool carpet is crafted from extra-long and therefore extra-durable fibres to ensure a prolonged luxurious look. Your colour and pattern choice can be tailored to promote any ambience desired, perfect for creating a superior feel.

Feel free to choose from four premium wool constructions and benefit from their individual capabilities when it comes to patterns and textural effects.

1: Colortec

Colortec combines high-level aesthetics with plush comfort to deliver timeless elegance. The Colortec concept brings complete design freedom and offers different qualities that allow them to be used across high traffic to more luxurious settings.

2: Colortec Stucco

Colortec Stucco oozes exclusivity and style with the surface appearing elegantly disrupted across a large-patterned, multi-dimensional flooring canvas, which makes unicoloured designs stand out too. The construction features a hint of crafted randomness, as if it’s been made and carved by hand, but instead it’s the result of our state-of-the-art technological capability.

3: Colortec Accent

Colortec Accent is the embodiment of delicate construction methods that create a textural effect. The addition of a higher twisted yarn creates a sense of elegant disruption, where shadow introduces movement and allows interplay across the beautifully enriched surface of the carpet – even in unicoloured designs.

4: Graphic

Graphic helps create a visual rhythm that promotes harmony within the surroundings, perfect for making that all important sensorial design statement. The quality performance is matched aesthetically with delicate and clearly defined petite patterns in different qualities. Ideal for pattern repeats not exceeding 10×10 cm.

Three extra benefits to ease your decision

  • Visualisation:

Throughout the process, we make sure to visualise your carpet through samples and large-scale paper prints which ease your decision-making. A small prototype in real materials allows you to feel the exquisite yarn, evaluate the pattern details and sense the chosen colour combinations. In addition, a large paper print is supplied to visualise the pattern scale while also giving a realistic impression of the look in full. The 2D design presentation combines your floor plan and design idea to validate pattern proportions and positions while the 3D ditto visualises your carpet in an interior setting.

  • Adapted width:

A unique feature, we’re able to adjust the production width, thereby reducing waste and environmental impact while minimising cost and installation time. We offer two standard widths of 400 and 500 cm, but any widths from 300 cm are possible to match the actual room size as closely as possible.

  • Pre-cut to size:

Make the most of our pre-cut service where we cut your carpet to size before shipment. An ideal option for rooms and corridors in hotels and cruise ships that’ll reduce your installation time significantly. Also, skirtings can be done before shipment and rolled separately to make handling on site much easier.

The Palácio Ludovice Wine Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal, offers the ultimate luxury boutique hotel experience including premium quality carpet made from our exquisite pre-dyed wool. Among others, the Colortec custom rugs feature an elegant design inspired by the vineyards and slopes of the Douro, the place of origin of the port wine.

Your sustainable choice

We want to create the world’s most sustainable carpets. It’s an ongoing process where we continuously set up new goals and initiatives within five focus areas. Read more about our ambitious 2030 goals.

Composting wool fibres

The main environmental challenge today is separating the wool and nylon fibres in mixed qualities after use and therefore we’ve introduced our pure wool carpet, which is the first step towards a circular system. Separating and recycling carpet backing into new products while composting the wool fibres make 100% pure wool a very sustainable option when taking the entire carpet’s life cycle into account. That’s why we strive after making this possible.

Top 1% sustainability performance

Our sustainability excellence has been recognised by EcoVadis with the highest score in its class. EcoVadis is the world’s leading sustainability rating agency, and they rank the CSR performance of 100,000 companies in 160 countries. The Platinum ranking puts us in the top 1%.

The Four Seasons Hotel at Ten Trinity Square in London, UK, exploits the unique ability of large-scale Colortec carpet to create a warm and welcoming feeling, which even spreads to the staircase.



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