H&M group is working to achieve its 100% sustainable materials goal by 2030

sustainable-h7mH&M plans to reach 100 % recycled or other sustainably generated goods by 2030 as part of its attempts to become more eco-friendly and has already set an ambitious objective to achieve positive climate conditions by 2040.

In the end, the brand plans to move to a 100% circular model in which all items can be reused or decomposed.

In February, H&M becomes the first store to market Circulose clothing — a 100 % recycled cotton fabric — and organic pulp. The retailer has launched a new in-store recycling system called Loop this month which enables customers to put their old clothes into their eyes and see them turned into something new.

The Conscientious Range includes today, aside from recycled cotton, which actually accounts for 20% of the stock because of its cost limitations, of at least 50% sustainably manufactured fabrics, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. The brand does not currently have particular information about the robust materials used in each product, which ensures that consumers cannot determine the ecological metrics for the product they purchase.

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