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FILTECH 2018 – The story of growth continues


FILTECH 2018; the world of filtration and separation came to Cologne, from 13-15 March.
The show featured 380 exhibitors and 14,000 participants from 73 countries who visited the leading filtration and separation Show to catch up on innovations and equipment as well as related cutting-edge products and services displayed at the show. The FILTECH 2018 Show benefits from globally growing F&S markets with high-quality demands and stands for impressive innovative power across the entire value chain. The reported number of contacts and the deals made at FILTECH 2018 clearly marked a willingness to invest and reflected the positive market development in the F&S sector. The show was accompanied by a 3-day conference that attracted 534 experts and all those interested in the latest F&S research from around the globe.

With an increase of exhibitors by 8% and total participants by 16%, FILTECH is the largest Filtration Show worldwide. FILTECH also successfully extended its range and featured many closely associated industries, among these, were adhesive applications, cutting, ultrasonic welding and sewing innovations as well as special machinery. 57% of the visitors traveled to Cologne from outside Germany to learn what’s new in the market. 34,5% of all international guests came from non-European countries making the Show an intercultural experience and a unique platform for exhibitors to generate new business.


The experts came from all continents – they even traveled to Cologne from Kenya, Peru, Qatar, South Africa and Chile. A substantial increase was registered in the number of trade visitors from Turkey, Italy, USA, India, France, Japan, Korea.


Exhibitors reported that visitors to FILTECH 2018, showed an extremely high willingness to invest. Exhibitors particularly highlighted the even wider international spread of visitors and their great specialist expertise plus the fact that an extraordinarily high number of top managers (35% top executives) travelled to FILTECH 2018.


Next FILTECH will be held 22-24 October 2019 again in Cologne.



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