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dana's 2018 INS opens doors to sustainable nonwovens
dana's 2018 INS opens doors to sustainable nonwovens

Edana’s 2018 INS opens doors to sustainable nonwovens

Edana’s 2018 International Nonwovens Symposium (INS), was an eye opener for the future of sustainability in nonwovens. The leading European event, which was held on May 23 and 24, 2018, in Rome, Italy, confirmed the industry’s confidence in the opportunities and strengths of the nonwovens industry. Key stakeholders participated in the symposium.

A warmly received keynote presentation on IKEA’s global material sourcing strategy from Anders Bergner was followed with a very well attended session with enlightening examples of credible steps into the circular economy and use of renewable resources.

With a highly-praised table top display, and the traditional Edana walking dinner, 215 participants from 144 companies across the supply chain took advantage of the many networking opportunities, discussing the variety of presentations from “Industry 4.0” challenges and opportunities, to recycling, innovation and new filter media.


With further presentations on environmental sustainability and bioplastic material innovation, the 2018 INS delivered on the objective to address the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

Pierre Wiertz, general manager of Edana said, “Since Edana last held the INS in Rome 15 years ago, sustainability as a topic has evolved from a minor interest subject to take primacy on the agenda. It is pleasing to hear of such positive feedback on the focus of our programme and encouraging to see industry leaders discuss and demonstrate innovations that will contribute to sustainable business practices and embark our sector in its transition towards a more circular economy.

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