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Zartosht; An Experience Ranging from Hand-woven to Machine-made Carpets

History & Background of Zartosht Carpet Complex

Shahkar Safavieh Carpet Company with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing all types of machine-made carpets is one of the pioneers of this industry in Iran. This company manufactures all its products by the state-of-the-art machinery and has pursued the constant goal of qualitative improvement of the products while using the most authentic Iranian designs. The founder of Shahkar Safavieh Carpet Company, Mr. Haj Ali Sodayi, worked in a Sharbafi [simple weaving practiced in Yazd, Esfahan and Kashan] workshop since 1950s which was a hereditary job in his family since Qajar era. He produced hand-woven carpets in the later years and more than 800 rural families living near Kashan began weaving carpets under his management. He entered this industry in 1986 by buying a 350-knot weaving machine and developed the complex every year. This activity has been continued by his children up to now that the state-of-the-art carpet weaving machines are available in Shahkar Safavieh Carpet Company. The family experience in the field of hand-woven carpet has constantly led to production of carpets with authentic color schemes and designs in this complex.



Performance & Activities of the Complex

The modern laboratory of Shahkar Safavieh Carpet Company has always ensured that the products of this company are at the highest level of the Iranian national standard. Paying attention to the taste of different Iranian and global ethnicities, this company has tried to include wide-ranging colors and patterns in its product list and this has always brought about customer satisfaction for the company.


Status of Manufacturing & Products

The following items are among the products of this company:

1000-knot ten-colored polyester carpet with a density of 3000

700-knot acrylic carpet with a density of 2550

700-knot polyester carpet with a density of 3100

1000-knot ten-colored acrylic carpet with a density of 3000

Polyester channel type carpet

500-knot polyester gabbeh


Export & Activity in Foreign Markets

It is noteworthy that Shahkar Safavieh Carpet Company has always seen good reception of all types of its carpet products by other countries and this satisfaction and demand has resulted in participation of this company in reputable DOMOTEX exhibitions in Hannover (Germany) and Shanghai (China) in the previous years.

Shahkar Safavieh Carpet Company has had considerable exports to Arabic countries, Japan, Russia, Iraq, South America, etc. every year.

We are proud that in addition to our dear countrymen’s satisfaction with the products of Shahkar Safavieh Carpet Company, we have always achieved the global customers’ trust and satisfaction with our products outside Iran as well.


Participation in International Exhibitions

We have participated in DOMOTEX exhibition three times in Hannover and twice in Shanghai.

Entering the Chinese market is very costly and a manufacturer must patiently wait for several years in order to be present in this market. Among the problems to be faced by the manufacturer, we can mention lack of knowledge about the people’s taste in this large country. Many businessmen and reputable carpet manufacturers have quit after paying huge costs and participating in various exhibitions. Considering the variety of product designs and colors, Shahkar Safavieh Carpet Company has participated in DOMOTEX exhibition in Shanghai since last year and it hopes to have a share in the Chinese market this year with a greater capacity and new products.

We hope the government fulfills its promises regarding the export awards even in the form of an allowance for the stand rent, advertisements, etc. and we can be active in this field with greater capacity.

In our opinion, if the esteemed government supplies the manufacturers’ exhibition costs in a foreign market for a limited period, e.g. 3 years, there will be a revolution in exports and this is the true meaning of supporting national production.

After its first participation in the foreign exhibitions, Shahkar Safavieh Carpet Company with the brand name “Zartosht Carpet” has prepared a long-term and continuous plan for successful presence in the global market and brand making. Now, considering the amount of trust that the global buyers have put in this complex, we have seen further success in export of this company’s products every year.



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