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YKK Europe supports ISPO Munich’s first online event

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt events worldwide, leading zipper manufacturer YKK Europe shows its ongoing support for ISPO Munich as the world’s largest multi-segment sportswear trade fair shifts to a new digital format.

For the first time being held online due to the challenges presented by the global pandemic, ISPO Munich was supported by one of its long-standing partners YKK Europe, who has been a presenting partner of BrandNew Village since 2015.

Together with the leading outdoor sportswear platform, YKK Europe took on a digital format, showcasing its latest collection via a new, innovative microsite which brought buyers, media and sales individuals together from across the globe.


Simultaneously, the fastening company continued its partnership with the BrandNew Village, which is the largest platform for startups in the outdoor and sports industries.

YKK Europe also hosted panel discussions throughout the trade fair, a keynote speech and break-out session while outlining its action plan for a more sustainable future. On the digital event’s main stage, YKK Europe’s sustainability specialist shared how the company can further contribute to circular fashion implementation.

YKK’s founder, Tadao Yoshida, has embedded sustainability into the company’s values since day one and firmly believes that contributions to society are best achieved through the continuous creation of value through innovative ideas and inventions, which YKK Europe strives to share with its partners and customers every day.

Over the years, innovation has remained the outdoor sporting industry’s driving force and a key component within the fastening industry. YKK Europe’s products are essential parts of outdoor sporting garments and accessories because they are reliable, robust, and innovative.

The company’s research and development centres are an integral part of its organisations, as do its close collaborations with ISPO Munich platforms. Innovation within YKK Europe has also occurred from working together with other brands, such as the Fix A Shape® zipper developed with outdoor brand Eider. At first glance, it looks like a simple zipper, but when zipped shut it has a rigid s-shape which sets the jacket collar away from the wearer’s chin for increased comfort.

YKK Europe supports ISPO Munich’s first online event
To continue developing connections with new and existing clients, YKK Europe presented its latest collection in a completely new and exciting format at this year’s ISPO Munich. Showcasing its collection of fastening products exclusively at the trade fair through a dedicated microsite, customers were treated to an interactive experience. Via this unique platform, visitors could see YKK Europe’s full collection up close and in 360-degrees.

At the same time, they could also request samples and virtually meet with the sales team with any requests or questions, all from the safety of their own home or office.

From the 1st to the 5th February, ISPO Munich welcomed international visitors and exhibitors alike to its digital event throughout the week. Following the success of the digital event, YKK Europe stressed the pressing need for more innovative business models, which can contribute to circular fashion and the expansion of virtual tools to ensure future efficiency and safety of global supply chains.

When it comes to innovation, the need for sustainable, performance-driven, customisation and digitisation remains vital within the sporting and outdoor industries. YKK Europe encourages more collaboration to drive forward the search for more innovation and creativity to make the sporting and outdoor industries more agile and even more sustainable.

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