Ventura Dubai exhibitors unveiled as acclaimed design project readies for INDEX

Founder and curator of Organisation in Design, Margriet Vollenberg, explained: “Of the at least 100 applications we received, we will bring a total of 43 exhibitors to Ventura Dubai. This indicates that our selection process is well-thought-out and pertaining to a number of mixed criteria involving both quality and content.

“I have no doubt that the project will be visually stunning and, by extension, draw attention to the unique perspectives represented by the various designers. In the end I hope to come to Dubai with an ensemble that appeals to a broad, design-oriented audience and makes them reconsider what they think they know about the industry landscape.


I’m confident that our exhibitors will awe and surprise the audience during INDEX. Our selected designers bring together different crafts, materials, cultures and artistic currents in balanced presentations. Ventura Dubai will have the air of a different atmosphere. We want people to really experience the designs, so obviously we will do what we can to make them stand out as such.

“Ventura Dubai is part of INDEX. We hope visitors will be in awe of the designs, which are to be brought to them by internationally acclaimed designers who in many cases have not been to Dubai before. That’s one of our Ventura Projects’ most important criteria: we always want both sides to benefit from introduction to the other. The Ventura premise is always to help creatives make meaningful connections, and we see INDEX as a great platform to bring all of this about.”

The full list of Ventura Dubai exhibitors is as follows:

• Daniel de Bruin / special

• Creative Chef

• Carina Wagenaar

• RENATE VOS product &


• Furot Art Design

• Susanne de Graef

interior design

• Gijs Van Bon / special

• Studio Sarah-Linda


• workingbert & Paul





• Pablo Lucker / special

• ANIMA S.r.l.

• Studio Rik ten Velden

• Daniel van Dijck


• Aliki van der Kruijs

• Atelier Jungblut

• Chris Ruhe Meubelkunst

• Ecopixel – Atelier


• Werner Neumann

• Erik Griffioen Furniture

Mendini / special project

• atelier arnout visser

• Wet


• Thomas Eyck

• Frederike Top Design

• Bert Schoeren


• Studio Solarix

• Isaac Monte

• Studio JKL

• Josephine Visser Design

• Liqui Group

• John Green

• Siba Sahabi

• Studio Jeroen Wand

• Marc De Groot

• Naz Yologlu



• Puik design

• Eduardooterorodriguez

• Studio Birgit Severin

• PeLiDesign

INDEX event director Samantha Kane-Macdonald said: “Organisation in Design’s Ventura Projects have led the way in bringing exceptional, untapped European design to the forefront of the international market for almost a decade. The Ventura Projects in Milan have set the standard during the city’s design season, with their New York, Berlin and London outings again laying the benchmark for forward-thinking design and innovation.

“To be able to play host to their first Middle Eastern venture is a huge honour for INDEX, and equally as exciting. The designs selected are simply incredible.”

Since forming in 2005, Organisation in Design has worked with more than 7,500 designers worldwide on their various Ventura Projects. Those selected to take part in their first Dubai showcase will be exhibited across more than 1,000sqm of space at INDEX.

Margriet added: “Organisation in Design believes that our quality of life can be improved through design. We see it as the cradle from which new products, ideas, and even new ways of thinking arise. Instead of just looking for an interesting visual, we value simple solutions to real problems. With Ventura Projects in particular we wish to challenge the vision of the public and shift their focus to create new perspectives on different aspects of life, dedicating each exhibition to showcasing the latest in contemporary design.”


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