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Top Manufacturers of Textile Machinery

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The development of textile machinery processing has contributed significantly to the global growth of the textile industry. Spinning was born from hand spindles, and weaving was born from the handloom.

The introduction of electric-powered machinery paved the way for today’s spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing, and finishing machinery.

From roughly 1760 until sometime between 1820 and 1840, the Industrial Revolution was a period of transition to new manufacturing processes.

During this time, hand production methods were replaced by machines, and new chemical and iron manufacturing procedures were adopted. The efficiency of water power improved, while the utilization of steam power rose.

The manufacturing system was growing, and machine tools were being produced. In terms of employment, output value, and capital invested, textiles were the most important industry during the Industrial Revolution. Textiles were also among the first industries to adopt contemporary manufacturing techniques. The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain, and the British were responsible for the majority of the major technological breakthroughs.

When mills began to maintain their textile machines in their industrial workshops, textile machinery production began. They eventually began serious engineering work and terminated their ties with spinning and weaving mills. Separate textile machinery manufacturing workshops sprang up as a result of these independent ventures.

Top Manufacturers of Textile Machinery in the world

Currently, powerful companies are producing textile machinery. Switzerland and Germany are leading companies in the textile machinery industry. In addition, Belgium, Italy, Japan, and China are among the countries that produce high-tech textile machinery. In the following essay, top manufacturers of textile machinery are listed.

textile machinery

Brand Products Country Telephone Website


Man-made Fiber Spinning Systems

Texturing Machines

Switzerland +41 58 36 96 96 https://www.oerlikon.com/
Rieter Systems, products, components, and digitization solutions for short staple fiber spinning Switzerland +41 52 208 70 45 https://www.rieter.com/


Spinning Preparation Machines

Nonwoven Machines

Man-made Fibers Machines

Germany +49 2166 607 0 https://www.truetzschler.de/


Pre-Spinning Machines

Spinning Machines

Winding Machines

Twisting & Cabling Machines

Embroidery Machines

Switzerland +41 44 384 41 11 https://saurer.com/


Flat Knitting Machines Germany +49-7121-313-450 https://www.stoll.com/
Karl Mayer Warp Knitting Machines Warp Preparation Machines Germany +49(0)6104402-0 https://www.karlmayer.com/
Shima Seiki Knitting Machines

Design System/Software

CAD/CAM Systems

Inkjet Printing Machine

PLM Solutions

Japan +81-73-474-8210 https://www.shimaseiki.com/
Mayer & Cie Circular Knitting Machines

Braiding Machines

Germany +49 (0)7432 700-0 https://www.mayercie.com/




Knotting Machines Germany https://www.groz-beckert.com/
Picanol Rapier Weaving Machines

Air Jet Weaving Machines

Belgium +32 57 222 111 https://www.picanol.be/


Projectile Weaving Machines Switzerland https://rutitextil.ch/
Staubli Weaving Preparation Machines

Jacquard weaving Machines

Carpet Weaving Machines

Sock Knitting Machines

Switzerland +41 81 725 01 01 https://www.staubli.com/
Lindauer Dornier Rapier and Air-jet Weaving Machines

3D Weaving Machine

Tape Weaving Machine



+49 8382 703 0 https://www.lindauerdornier.com/
Santex Rimar Group


Weaving Machines

Finishing Machines

Technical Textile Machines

Italy +39 0445 1761444 https://www.santexrimar.com/
Vandewiele Carpet Machines (Tufting – Extrusion – Heat Setting) Belgium +32 56 24 32 11 https://www.vandewiele.com/
Jacob Muller Group


Narrow Weaving Machines

Knitting Machines

Crochet Machines

Switzerland +41 62 865 51 11 https://www.mueller-frick.com/
M&R Textile Screen Printing Equipment

Direct to Garment T-shirt Printing

T-Shirt Folding & Packaging Machines



630-858-6101 https://www.mrprint.com/


Rotary Screen Printing

Coating Machines

Austria +43 5373 20740 http://www.mhms.at/
Zimmer Screen Printing Machines

Digital Printing Machines

Coating Machines

Drying Machines

Austria +43 (5372) 64893-0 https://www.zimmer-austria.com/
Odesi Liquid Dispensing & Solution Preparation Machines used in Textile Dyeing Turkey +90 212 671 80 10-11 http://www.odesi.com.tr/


Dyeing Machine

Hoisery Machine

Spain +34 972 59 45 11 https://www.tupesa.com/
Juki Sewing Machines Japan


(81)42-357-2211 https://www.juki.co.jp/


Sewing Machines China 0086-576-88177782



textile machinery

The modernization of textile machinery

The modernization of textile machinery is one of the most important issues in the world today. Undoubtedly, the more modern the mechanical equipment of the textile industry according to the standards of the world, the higher the speed and quality of production.

Upgrading textile machines will have consequences such as high speed, improved performance, easy maintenance, high efficiency, and increased accuracy. Today, more items of higher quality can be produced with less labor and running costs thanks to modern high-performance machinery and logical operating methods.

Textile machinery

Nowadays, all textile producers across the world are working to enhance their equipment not just in terms of quality, productivity, and energy consumption but also to make processing more environmentally friendly. In addition, textile manufacturers must be able to adjust their production line in the shortest time and cost to maintain their position in today’s competitive market as well as respond to changing trends.

These issues are highly related to the machinery used by textile manufacturers. Thus, textile machinery producers are trying to improve their products in terms of productivity, energy consumption, sustainability, and flexibility to meet their customer’s needs.

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