Amtex Try to Expand Spanish Textile Solutions in MEA Region

Interview with Mr Alejandro Gallego Alcaide – Business developer at amec

Amec amtex is the Spanish textile solutions manufacturers association, it was founded more than 50 years ago. You may find more information in the following site Solutions for textiles. We have been representing the Spanish sector for all these years, we have had the pleasure to be presenting Spanish textile machinery in different international markets and build bridges between textile manufacturers and Spanish technology manufacturers.

What are amec amtex mission and goals for developing textile machinery in Spain in terms of quality and export?
Our main goal is to work with our members in order to achieve their maximum level of competitiveness. Among amec amtex’s goals is to bring Spanish textile technology to different international textile manufacturing countries, one of the most successful ways we must do so is through international activities like; shows exhibitions, roadshows, technical seminars…

How do you evaluate the textile industry and textile machinery manufacturing sector in Spain in general? 

Spain has a large tradition of textile manufacturing; this sector has been one of the main sectors throughout all the industrial history of the country. This year of experience and advances in the industry has leveraged textile technology manufacturers to have great resilience and great knowledge about how to enable the best fabric manufacturing lines.


How do you predict next year for the textile and apparel industry globally and for Spanish manufacturers?

I predict a great year for Spanish technology, ITMA will be the meeting point the textile sector needs after the pandemic and Spanish companies will exhibit their latest innovations and explain how they are helping fabric manufacturers to fulfill their production lines with technology that stands to the dual transition; digitalization and sustainability.

During the show we will offer private tours for delegations of the different sectors present at ITMA, this will help visitors looking for innovations to get to know the manufacturers and engage in high-added value conversations about textile manufacturing.

At the same time, during 2023 amec amtex will provide various international activities for its members to promote solutions around the world, both ways; physically and digitally.


Sustainability is an important subject for textile manufacturers all around the world and especially for Europeans, what is Amec amtex Textile sustainability policy and what do you do for this?

Amec amtex is participating to the Pacte circular per la Moda, which is a Catalan government initiative that promotes a voluntary agreement to promote the transformation of the sector textile towards a circular model, from a comprehensive perspective and integrator of all actors -public and private- of the value chain.

With amec amtex participation in this think tank we can help to build the bases for sustainable textile manufacturing and at the same time, as an association, we transmit all the initiatives to our member companies and work along with them for ensuring that they adapt them.

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What is textile machinery made in Spain main advantages? What is unique in the Spanish textile industry?

Spanish textile technology manufacturers are super internationalized: they are used to working for very diverse clients, putting their flexibility to the test. Spanish companies take care of their high-standard supply chain, pampering the different collaborations for textile manufacturing.

Textile purchasing trends vary as our environment is doing, therefore having a strong partner that will always have your back and disposed to update your manufacturing process is essential. Moreover, collaborating with a Spanish textile technology manufacturer means partnering with a CEMATEX member company, certified as a European high-standard company.

Good partners create a high-added value proposition for the customer, this is the reason why collaborating with highly experienced companies as Spanish, is the key to success. As the textile is a traditional industry in Spain, our companies know how to strive within all types of context and bring value to their partners.

How do you evaluate the textile industry in the MEA region? 

MEA region is undoubtedly an important player in the textile world. Countries like Turkey, Iran, and Egypt are manufacturing high-quality end products and gaining more presence in international markets. Turkey ranks within the top 10 countries where Spanish solutions are mostly exported.

Amec amtex goal is to expand Spanish solutions presence in MEA region and work with its textile manufacturers to exchange high-value information about sustainable and digital production.

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