Final Report-TEXWORLD PARIS – 16-19/9/2019, Le Bourget, Paris


Messe Frankfurt France’s trade shows dedicated to the fashion industry attracted 14,862 visitors, who thronged the aisles at The Fairyland for Fashion. 213 people did not attend. After a 2018 show that was quite extraordinary, the September 2019 show recorded rather more consistent results, with positive overtones on the whole.

The top 5 visitors remain unchanged in spite of economic pressure and the political situation:
1 – France, 2 – United Kingdom, 3 – Spain, 4 – Italy, 5 – Turkey

We would draw particular attention to the increase in visitors attending from Poland (+11%), which attests to the important role played by this country in European sourcing. For those attending from countries outside Europe, footfall remained encouraging, with a return in force from Turkey (+17%), as well as from other major importer countries such as Morocco (+19%) from the African continent and, it goes without saying, China (+41%). United States (+1%), Canada (+14%) and Brazil (+15%) also attended this season’s show.

“The market is difficult but those who have the products and skills that appeal were able to make the most of the situation. Despite less time spent by visitors, the number of people attending still reported excellent business. There is an explanation for this: exhibitors at our trade shows are increasingly adapting to the demands of the market and becoming ever better at doing so.

These efforts were rewarded with an excellent atmosphere and significant results, especially among the top companies. Overall we noticed some instability on the markets due to uncertainty caused by the turbulence in relations between certain countries. Exhibitors and visitors with most experience of the market were more than able to benefit from this situation. We note that a number of our exhibitors have adapted to meet the demands of customers, who wish to place orders for smaller quantities. They have also recorded increases in their turnover” says Michael Scherpe, President of Messe Frankfurt France.

In accurately interpreting the major market trends, Texworld Paris was able to attract some high-calibre professionals who thronged the aisles this year once again.

With 1014 exhibitors from 25 countries, Texworld Paris and Texworld Denim Paris have once more asserted their dominance as the undisputed leader when it comes to sourcing for fabrics, components, trimmings and materials for the clothing industry. Now spread across three halls in September, this remarkable event for anyone involved in creating fashion constitutes a real hub for finding inspiration and for procurement aimed at European and global buyers as a whole. The commitments made by Messe Frankfurt to encourage expressions of creativity in the major producing countries of Asia or its endeavours to provide greater exposure for companies, which are adopting new approaches as regards sustainable development, have been rewarded this year.

“We are delighted with the choices we have made and with the momentum that we have been able to generate at this season’s show, which took place in a climate of economic uncertainty. For the past two years, we have assembled everything of importance under the marketing banner of The Fairyland for Fashion, in order to provide professionals with what they come to find at Texworld Paris. Our goal: to be at the forefront for design, implementation and trade, but also to lead the way in giving exposure to new methods of manufacturing textile products. The expectations for sustainable development and consumption that are expressed clearly in public opinion and the measures, which we started to implement in response with our exhibitors 10 years ago, are today evident on all levels of the fashion ranges at Texworld Paris. They are also manifest in every aisle, during discussions and at the lectures and they dictate what drives the markets” explains Michael Scherpe, President of Messe Frankfurt France.

The ranges for sustainable sourcing, especially noticeable this year at Texworld Paris, represented a selection, which is growing in size, of almost 80 suppliers, who offered fabrics with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Organic Exchange, Bluesign, SA8000 or WRAP certifications, as part of a very comprehensive choice of lines and materials. During an interview at the trade fair press conference, Mrs Yan Yan, director of the information centre for the Chinese textile industry, emphasised the development of ranges with certifications by Asian manufacturers: “the endeavours made over a number of years by the textile and clothing industry in the Far East are now helping to steer the nature of the global offer towards more sustainable products, in particular due to the importance of these companies in the market.”

Special signage this year allowed visitors to identify added environmental value offered by exhibitors, depending on whether it related to eco-friendly or bio-based materials, environmentally friendly processes or certified social standards and fair trade, or all of these advantages together (eco-friendly materials and procedures plus social standards).

Similarly, following the “Artisan” circuit, which was first introduced in February and which was packed during this autumn’s show, allowed buyers on the lookout for short runs to find suppliers whose offers matched their requirements and were frequently based on traditional craftsmanship.

As ever, Texworld‘s artistic directors showcased the current styles at the show in two Trends areas, the general Trends Forum and the Sustainable Trends Forum, in order to demonstrate the creative capacity of exhibitors at Texworld Paris. Going by the name Réenchantement, the trends focussed on four themes: Apocalyptic Fascination, Immemorial Spell, Synthetic Dazzle and Astral Ecstasy. Both visitors and exhibitors signalled their approval. It allowed everyone to be organised and to explore the different trends presented at Texworld Paris from a purely creative angle in just one place.

The trade fair presented an expression of diversity and creative progress that was popular with visitors, even more so as the advance work carried out by Messe Frankfurt regarding the trends makes planning their circuits easier for buyers: “The show enables me to find solutions for fabrics and materials that are right for me” stressed Agathe Coudert, director at Apostrophe George Rech Paris. “The work undertaken ahead of the shows for the preselection process provides an overview and saves a lot of time.” Where Lamine Kouyaté, artistic director at the Malian label Xuly Bët, is concerned, this perspective offered by Texworld Paris “gives an indication of the current situation in textiles and the strategies adopted by major contractors. It’s up to designers like us to interpret them…”

The major players in the clothing sector for their part targeted their searches towards the additional services offered by the 29 exhibitors in the Elite segment. This area once again was a resounding success with buyers, in particular European ones, who recognised the quality offered by the selected exhibitors. These firms, known for their quality, competitiveness, responsiveness and services, are able to provide a response for the most cutting-edge and discerning markets for global fashion designer labels. There were seven newcomers, including six Turkish firms and one Chinese company.

This did not go unnoticed by contractors. They were very busy in this area that is particular appreciated by ready-to-wear labels: “a consistent and interesting space that is very suitable for making for high-calibre contacts” explains Omar Kaskas, manager at Kaskas Co.

This blend of competitive and creative approaches was rounded off this year by a series of exhibitions, such as that devoted to the Dinan International Festival for Fashion Designers, where prize winners (Anaël Paris, Daniela Schmid and Damko) showed their collections in a fashion area located between Hall 2 and 3. This extremely busy area also hosted the Replica exhibition, organised around a creative dialogue between students at HEAR and Chinese clothing manufacturers. Supported by the Messe Frankfurt France trade fairs, the design students at Haute École des Arts du Rhin (HEAR) presented the results of their discussions and their work with five Chinese clothing manufacturers, weavers and embroiderers, who were exhibitors at the Apparel Sourcing and Texworld Paris shows.

Next Texworld Paris
10-11-12-13 February 2020 in Paris, Le Bourget


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