Texworld and Apparel Sourcing Paris Welcome to Pakistani Participants by TDAP


Paris, one of the major fashion capitals of the world, is the best place to promote and sell brands and collections in Europe, to the Western, and increasingly to the Eastern and Middle Eastern markets. Texworld and Apparel Sourcing will help to understand the European market and to enhance buyers from Pakistan.

Texworld Apparel Sourcing Paris will take place on 03- 05 July, 2023 in Paris. Paris as one of the major fashion capitals of the world is the best place to promote and sell brand(s) and collections in Europe, to the Western, and increasingly to the Eastern and Middle Eastern markets.

Trade development authority of Pakistan will participate with Pakistan pavilion in Texworld – Apparel Sourcing, Paris.

The fair will help to understand the European market and how best to increase buyers to Pakistan

TDAP is providing subsidized stalls to increase the exports of Cotton & Blends, Denim, Eco-friendly Fabrics, Drapery, Embroidery & Lace, Fake fur, Fibers, Functional & Sportswear, Jacquard, Knitted fabrics, Linen & Hemp, Shirting, Silk, Silky aspects, Trims & Accessories, Wool, Wool Aspect, Menswear, ladies wear, children’s wear, fashion accessories & shawls and scarves.

Texworld Evolution Paris had 750 exhibitors from 20 countries and received nearly 8,000 visitors from 115 countries during its February 2023 edition, a sign of the resumption of business between the European fashion industries and the major sourcing countries.

Exhibitors from Pakistan in Texworld/Apparel Sourcing Paris February Edition:

Fabric: Artmill, Kamal Limited, Liberty Mills Limited, Qasimi Industries, Sapphire Finishing Mills, Sarena Dyeing & Finishing Mills, Shafi Texcel Limited, Shahtaj Textile, and Shekhani Industries.

Denim: Glamour Garments, Mekotex Private Limited and Shafi Private Limited.

Apparel: Fashion Channel, Interloop Limited, J.R Dyeing & Textile Mills, Karsaz Textile, Rainbow Hosiery, Sesil Private Limited and Starsmade Factory

About TDAP:

The TDAP (Trade Development Authority of Pakistan) is a government agency in Pakistan that is responsible for promoting trade and exports from the country. It is not directly related to the textile industry, but it does provide support and assistance to all sectors of the economy, including textiles.

Pakistan is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of textiles, and the textile industry is a vital part of the country’s economy. The Pakistan Textile Exporters Association (PTEA) is a trade association that represents the interests of textile exporters in the country. The PTEA works to promote the growth of the textile industry and to support its members by providing information, advocacy, and networking opportunities.

In addition to the PTEA, there are several other trade associations and organizations in Pakistan that represent the textile industry, including the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA), the Pakistan Cotton Fashion Apparel Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PCGMEA), and the Karachi Cotton Association (KCA).

About Texworld and Apparel Sourcing:

Texworld and Apparel Sourcing are two major international trade shows for the fashion and textile industry that take place twice a year in Paris, France. They are organized by Messe Frankfurt, one of the world’s leading trade fair organizers.

Texworld is focused on fabrics and materials, while Apparel Sourcing is focused on finished garments and accessories. Both shows attract exhibitors and visitors from around the world, including textile manufacturers, garment makers, fashion designers, retailers, and other industry professionals.

Texworld features a wide range of textiles and materials, including cotton, wool, silk, linen, and synthetic fabrics, as well as trims, accessories, and garment components. The show also includes a series of seminars and conferences on topics related to fashion and textiles, such as sustainability, innovation, and trends.

Apparel Sourcing showcases a variety of finished garments and accessories, including women’s wear, men’s wear, children’s wear, and lingerie, as well as fashion accessories such as shoes, bags, and jewelry. The show provides a platform for exhibitors to display their latest collections and for buyers to source new products and connect with suppliers.

Together, Texworld and Apparel Sourcing offer a comprehensive platform for the fashion and textile industry, bringing together suppliers and buyers from around the world to showcase their products, exchange ideas, and do business.

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