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Taiwan’s textile, electronics, cycle firms mull China exit13

Taiwanese companies are thinking of moving manufacturing operations out of China due to the escalating trade war of the latter with the United States. The most likely to relocate are firms in the textile, electronics and bicycle industries, which export products to the United States, a survey by the country’s Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) has found.

The trade war would have a minimal effect on Taiwan’s petrochemical, steel and aluminum, and machinery manufacturers, which supply products mainly to China’s domestic markets, a Taiwanese news agency report citing the IDB survey.

The country’s textile industry, which has factories in Southeast Asia as well, is expected to ramp up production in that region, while the electronics and bicycle industries could move operations back to Taiwan, according to the survey.

A few electronics and bicycle manufacturers have restarted their factories in Taiwan, while some others are waiting and watching. (DS)

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