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Swiss textile maker Ventile in Sustainable Angle’s supplier list

Swiss Textile Manufacturer Ventile has joined The Sustainable Angle’s selected supplier list.

The company which exhibited for the first time at the sustainability trade show, Future Fabrics Expo, is part of a 900-piece library to be displayed all year round via Future Fabrics’ Virtual Expo.

The virtual show is an online research and sourcing platform.

The virtual showcase has been set up for fashion industry professionals to discover new sustainable fabrics and mills. The platform has been set up to encourage informed decision-making in the design process.

Looking ahead to 2021, Future Fabrics will take the expo to the delegates of the United Nations Environmental Assembly in Nairobi. Ventile and Future Fabrics will become part of the discussion at the 5th UNEA with the theme ‘strengthening actions for nature to achieve the sustainable development goals’.

As producers of eco-friendly, natural, all-weather 100 per cent cotton fabrics, Ventile offers designers and brands fabric which provides the balance of performance, comfort and sustainability. The aim is to create a durable environmentally-friendly resource for the industry. The brand has recently introduced both an organic cotton and a recycled cotton line.

The Future Fabrics Expo aims to promote and connect sustainable suppliers with design teams. As part of the event, Ventile displayed Ventile Organic Cotton and Ventile Eco, a 100 per cent recycled cotton fabric. Last year the brand reported a 115 per cent growth in its sales of Ventile Organic Cotton Fabric over the past three years, with ¼ of all Ventile sales now coming from sustainable fabrics. On the back of customer demand, this year the brand will add a light-weight recycled line to its offering.

In its 9th-year Future Fabrics Expo, a Sustainable Angle venture, looked to showcase innovative and sustainable material solutions for the fashion industry. The show is the largest of its kind with exhibitors such as Ventile, displaying over 5000 materials to visitors each year. The Expo, which was the highest attended yet, drew brand, designers, and journalists from across Europe.

Ventile production manager Daniel Odermatt said: “We look to connect social and environmental awareness with beautiful, well-made and performance-driven clothing. Ventile provides designers with fabric of the highest quality to make a garment which lasts a lifetime, a garment that gets better with age and inspires longevity.”

“As the fabric is manufactured in Switzerland our production is subject to some of the most stringent regulations in the world and we use the latest technology to maximise efficiency of water and energy consumption throughout the creation process. Slow fashion is in heart of everything we do. It was great to have the opportunity to showcase Ventile at Future Fabrics for the first time and talk with designers directly about both our recycled cotton and organic cotton fabrics,” Odermatt added.

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