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JEC World 2018 expo

JEC World 2018 expo and Sigmatex participation

JEC World 2018 expo

JEC World 2018 expo :: Sigmatex, a leading independent converter of carbon fibre, showed its complete range of high-performance carbon fibre textiles at the recently concluded JEC World 2018, a leading international composites show, which was held from March 6 to 8, 2018, in Paris. Sigmatex manufactures carbon fibre textiles for composite material applications.

In addition to its innovative 2D woven, multiaxial, and unidirectional textiles, Sigmatex introduced its design capability to the market.

The company showed samples of its unique weave patterns made with sigmaDesign. SigmaDesign is a service offered by Sigmatex, providing custom weave patterns for cosmetic and performance based applications. Its dedicated in-house design experts were on hand to create bespoke fabric designs, predominantly using carbon fibre combined with a wide choice of complimentary weft options. The sigmaDesign journey takes a customer from initial discussion through to design concept and digital simulation, providing the opportunity to view and amend the design before finally being woven.


The technology is already being adopted by high end automotive, sports, and luxury consumer goods markets. SigmaDesign offers brands an opportunity to develop exclusive products, providing a unique look contrasting established composite woven products.


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