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Shaw Contract brings Dye Lab Collection to EMEA Region

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Shaw Contract EMEA’s iconic Dye Lab Collection, one of the commercial flooring designer manufacturer’s best-selling and most eyecatching carpet tile collections, is now available in stock for the UK, the European and Middle-East markets.
Previously stocked only in the US, seven of the most popular colours from the Dye Lab pallete, Cornflower; Saxon; Woad; Indidgo; Henna; Iron; and Sumac, are now stocked at Shaw Contract’s manufacturing plant in Sanquhar, Scotland.

An iconic move

Stocking the high-end carpet tile at Shaw Contract’s carbon-neutral manufacturing plant on this side of the Atlantic slashes the previous lead time for the stunning carpet tiles, opening up a wealth of creative possibilities for designers, architects and specifiers to bring a high-end luxury feel to commercial projects bringing intimacy or expansive boldness to the spaces where we work, rest and come together.

Andrew Jackson, business development director EMEA at Shaw Contract said “We wanted to make this show-stopping collection more easily available to our customers in the European market. Now in just a few days, the Dye Lab can be delivered to site in seven stunning colours.”

Imperfect beauty

Featuring intensely saturated hues, softer washes, and a range of neutral tones, the collection is the result of Shaw Contract’s exploration of natural dyeing processes and pigment behaviour. Dye Lab draws inspiration from natural dyes and mimics the colour shifts rendered in naturally dyed textiles, creating an elegant and unpredictable visual with organic progressions from lightly pigmented to intensely saturated.

Using techniques like folding, clamping and eco-bundling, Shaw Contract experimented with dyeing over 700 yarn colours to create the collection palette and developed an innovative dye infusion process that achieves beautifully amorphous, deconstructed patterns with unpredictable outcomes meaning each and every carpet tile is unique in its shade and marbling.

Luxury with material health

In line with Shaw Contract’s commitment to people and planet, Dye Lab carpet tiles are installed with Shaw’s market-leading Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM EcoWorx® backing – the first flooring product ever to be Cradle-to-Cradle certified – requires 40% less energy in production and is covered by a lifetime warranty. and contributes to carbon reductions in transport while increasing efficiency in installation techniques.

The PVC-free backing designed and assessed for environmental and social responsibility across categories including material health, product circularity, clean air and climate protection, water and soil stewardship, and social fairness. It is also lighter and stronger than traditional carpet tiles, and Cradle to Cradle® Silver certified.


We want it back

At the end of its useful life, Shaw Contract vows to reclaim and recycle the carpet tiles through their `reTURN’ scheme.
Customers in Europe and the UK can now order the collection with a lead time of just a few days. Four more colours from the collection, Walnut; Black Tea; Knotweed; and Fustic Wood will follow with in-stock availability from January 2023.

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