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Rabatex Industries: Top Textile Machine Manufacturer in India

Rabatex Industries: Top Textile Machine Manufacturer in India

Interview with Mr. Haresh Panchal – Managing Director of Rabatex Industries
By : Kohan Textile Journal

1. let us know more about Rabatex industries limited company, history and success story.

A good beginning imprinted the future. The great future of Rabatex Group was incepted in the year 1962, our first step towards becoming a trendsetter in the textile industry as well as other engineering industries.
We gained experience during the initial periods by manufacturing basic sectional warping machines/material handling and storage machinery / customized machinery for technical textile. Now we offer advanced computerized sectional warping machines, single end sample warping machines, single end sizing machines, speciality warping creels with electronic controls, precision tensioner, material handling – Storage equipment for various industry, customized tailor-made machinery for technical textile.

2. Rabatex industries is a leading machinery manufacturer company in India machinery sector, could you please let us know about range of machinery that you offer this sector?

We are manufacture of whole range of weaving preparation textile machinery. In our product basket we have high-speed sectional warping machine, complete basket for fabric sampling solutions and material handling and storage equipment.

Please find below our complete product range:
-Advance High-Speed Sectional Warping Machine with Multi-Servo.
– Single End & Multi End sizing machine.
– High-Speed Sample Warping Machine.
– Battery Operated Equipment for Material Handling (Indo-Italian Collaboration) – Ultra Sonic Reed cleaning machine for Cleaning of Reeds, Healdwires, Droppers – Batching Device
– Polybeamer with Unwinding Creel & Creel for Technical Textile – Rapid Vertical Lift Module for Storage System
– Customize Machine for Textile

3. Middle East (include Turkey) and Africa is an important market for textile production, how do you evaluate textile industry in this region. How many percent of your export come to this region? Tell us more about your export destinations and clients.

Our products are successfully installed and running in more than 32 countries. We are now focusing on Africa and Latin America is very important to market. we are getting around 35 percent export come from Africa and middle east region and very important market for us.


Rabatex Industries: Top Textile Machine Manufacturer in India


4.In your opinion What is a good Automatic warper yarn machine specifications?

We are design and developed very high speed computerized sectional warping machine and following is unique feature :
1.3 Axis servo controlled
2. Constant warping line speed control
3. Laser sensor for yarn built up measurement & automatic setting of feed value
4. Maximum warping speed 1000 mtr/mins & Maximum beaming speed is 200 mtr/mins 5. Closest yarn deliver to drum for avoiding cross over ends.

5. Tell us about Rabatex industry latest innovations and R and D achievements.

We have recently design and developed a vertical lift module. Rabatex RAPID VLM system enhancing storage space vertically responsible for transporting trays to and from their storage location. The extractor is driven by a reinforced toothed belt – high precision and low noise feature. The center extractor guiding system is independent of the unit structural members and thus ensures safe, jerk- free and uncritical operation with low energy cost and short waiting time.

6. How is your machinery energy saving level?

Machinery Energy saving level is optimum as using best products with correct parameter and advance technology in automation always contribute to it.

7.In general how do you evaluate India textile machinery manufacturer sector?

Indian machinery manufacture sector is continually improving and putting more footprints all over the world also Indian government is supporting to textile machinery manufacturers to grow in a larger scale.

8. How do you predict new investment in textile sector after coronavirus pandemic?

New project in textile sector, especially in weaving, is not much affected and people are planning with new weaving project in Africa and Asia region.

9. How we can improve sustainability in textile industry? what is Rabatex sustainability policy?

By Producing machinery with best components resulting I least running cost with quick return on investment. Rabatex sustainability comes from more than 43% repeat an order, it is a result of zero Tolerance in quality and top priority in after sales services for 100 % customer satisfaction.

Extra Information:

Rabatex produces all products having CE certified and quality management system ISO 9001 for the last 25 years.
we have more than 3050 installations of sectional warpers and more than 5300 installations of material handling and storage equipment.

The vision of Rabatex Industries:

“Most Preferred global solution provider by supplying innovative products which add value to our customers and contribute to the environment”

The mission of Rabatex Industries:

To ensure continual improvement in product manufacturing & service to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Adopting advanced technology to ensure price-effective, efficient, and reliable products and services to customer worldwide.

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