Pakistani Textile Firm Feroze 1888 Mills Leads Sustainable Innovation at Heimtextil 2024

Pakistani Textile Firm Feroze 1888 Mills Leads Sustainable Innovation at Heimtextil 2024

In a groundbreaking collaboration with Danish material science company Pond, Pakistani textile firm Feroze 1888 Mills Limited has introduced an eco-friendly yarn and fabric made from maize waste at Heimtextil 2024, the world’s largest home textile industry exhibition. The bio-engineered fabric, a blend of corn waste and cotton, is set to revolutionize the textile industry, addressing the growing demand for sustainable products.

The fabric, revealed as a prototype at Heimtextil 2024, is soft, supple, and skin-friendly. It also boasts a significantly low electrical charge compared to traditional polyester fabric. Focused on environmentally friendly practices, Feroze 1888 Mills aims to produce towels catering to newborns, infants, and individuals with sensitive skin using these sustainable materials. After a successful trial, commercial production of bioengineered yarn from corn and sugarcane waste is on the horizon.

Martin Jensen, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Pond, emphasized Pond’s commitment to producing bio-engineered yarn from natural ingredients and agricultural waste. The collaboration with Feroze 1888 Mills marks a significant step in incorporating sustainable practices into Pakistan’s textile industry.

Aamir Shabbir Ansari, Deputy General Manager of Planning, Development, and Innovation at Feroze 1888 Mills Ltd., highlighted the company’s dedication to environmental sustainability. The fabric developed from corn waste aligns with the company’s broader sustainability goals and contributes positively to Pakistan’s global image.

This pioneering initiative showcases the Pakistani textile industry’s proactive approach to diversifying into new, sustainable materials beyond traditional options like cotton and polyester. As global demand for environmentally conscious products rises, such collaborations highlight Pakistan’s readiness to embrace and lead in emerging market trends.

The fabric, developed as a pilot project, is blended with 50% cotton. The success of the trial has paved the way for commercial production, offering a flexible blend of 10% to 50% bioengineered yarn based on product and customer demand. The fabric’s introduction at Heimtextil 2024 garnered widespread attention, signaling a promising future for sustainable textile innovations in Pakistan.

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