PA Group, has spread the culture of Industry 4.0 in the production process and supply chain management of Textile

Could you please let us know more about Up Solutions Group services, goals and success story?

PA Group, mainly through its subsidiary Up Solutions, has spread the culture of Industry 4.0 in the production process and supply chain management of Textile & Apparel industries by installing just messystem for 160 customers in 30 countries worldwide.

In particular, PA Maghreb manages the important Moroccan textile market where the concept of “Industrie du Futur” is becoming increasingly important.

Other markets with a strong textile vocation, such as Turkey and Pakistan, are managed by reliable partners with proven technological expertise.

Some of the most interesting projects are reported as Case Histories on our company’s website


What do you think about Middle East and Africa textile and garment market and it’s potentials?

Since these are markets where production processes are managed, for the most part, still in the traditional way, we are convinced that the introduction of new technologies to digitize production can bring enormous benefits in terms of competitiveness and quality results.


Do you have any textile event in mena region? Which countries in Middle East and Africa are your main destination? 

The next event we will participate in is the one we organized on December 11 in Morocco (Casablanca), through PA Maghreb and together with our partners ESITH (Ecole Supérieure des Industries du Textile et de l’Habillement-Casablanca) and C2TM (Cluster des Textiles Techniques Marocains-Casablanca).

For 2020, based on the proposals of our local partners, we plan to participate in events in Turkey and Pakistan (and, probably, in India).

PA Group

How do you evaluate textile industry in Morocco and why you select morocco for organizing your event?

Morocco is in a borderline area between Europe and Africa and, although it is on the other side of the ocean, even America does not seem so far away.

This, together with its political stability, is one of the reasons why PA Group chose to open a local office in this fascinating country in 2018.

In addition to the above, we also know that the T&A industry in Morocco plays a fundamental role in the country’s economy: in fact, many major Western brands rely on local companies to manufacture their products.

PA Group, with the aim of spreading the awareness that technology can be a valid tool to help companies in the T&A sector, has decided to collaborate with two important local realities: ESITH and C2TM, which provide Engineers, Teachers and Consultants who can pass on their knowledge to Entrepreneurs and Students, who represent the future of this Country.

The event organized on December 11 at the ESITH headquarters, will have the aim to make known just mes (a MES system studied “ad hoc” for the T&A Industry) and the benefit that it brings to companies and students.


What are the major barriers in the textile investment and trade in the region?

Our conviction is that not all the companies understood the importance to invest in cutting-edge technologies.

The digital revolution has been going on for a long time now: some robots are able to perform tasks unthinkable until a few years ago and, often, they do jobs no one wants to do anymore.

Those who have the task of improving production processes must take into account the need to invest in new technologies to have a faster “ROI” than what they would have by investing in the workforce.

This does not mean that robots/software systems will take away people’s work, because there is (and always will be) a line of separation between what a computer, a software or an expert system in general can do and what are instead tasks directly related to human intelligence.

We trust that the partnership with important institutions such as ESITH and C2TM will help us to spread this culture and give us the opportunity to participate in the training of future Managers of Maghreb’s Textile & Clothing Industry who, hopefully, will choose our just mes system to optimize production processes in their companies.


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