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Milano Unica ; Over 6,000 exhibitors attend 25th Milano Unica

Milano Unica , the Italian Textiles and Accessories Trade show, was a massive success with over 6,000 exhibitors presenting their high end collections for the fall/winter 2018/2019 season. The show is being seen as more significant commercially in comparison to the September 2016 edition given the quality of the buyers.

The show, held during July 11-13, 2017, also witnessed doubling of the visiting time of the buyers at the stands.

The exhibition has participation from several international exhibitors – over 46 per cent from Netherlands, 42 per cent from Portugal, over 32 per cent each from Germany and Russian Federation, over 28 per cent from Spain, over 26 per cent from USA, over 20 per cent from United Kingdom, over 15 per cent from France and over 11 per cent from Turkey. The number of Italian businesses and mills from the Far East countries and, especially, China, slightly decreased. However, these countries will have another opportunity with the October edition in Shanghai.

Over all there were 456 exhibitors at the 25th edition of Milano Unica, whose organisation was made possible thanks to the support of the Italian ministry for economic development and ICE Agency.

“We took a chance and were rewarded by the market. The day before the opening I would have considered a 10 per cent decline in attendance successful, but instead, results are in line with the September 2016 edition, thanks, especially, to the good performance in terms of the participation of international buyers. The doubling of their visiting time is the true confirmation of the strategic importance of the anticipated dates. A winning move that was well received by our exhibitors and we are grateful to have the chance to make this available to the entire Made-in-Italy supply chain,” commented Ercole Botto Poala, president of Milano Unica.

“In my opening speech, I firmly repeated the need for taking on the necessary risks as entrepreneurs, in order to face the emerging and rapid changes we see in the market. I am convinced that errors can occur when one tries new things, but it is much worse to hold one’s ground and refuse to implement new innovative solutions. We succeeded in doing this, leveraging on teaming up and going beyond conservative and protective approaches. The success of this edition does not put an end to the challenge. We know that we have only won a battle in an ongoing war, but we are all much more determined and convinced now,” continued Ercole Botto Poala.

“There is obviously room for improvement in the organisation, but the general satisfaction recorded among exhibitors and visitors regarding the quality of the offering and the services provided lets us face the upcoming challenges with confidence. We know we can count on a proven team that does not fear innovation. Also, we can count on the collaboration and flexibility of our suppliers and, in particular, of Fiera Milano. And, last but not least, we can always count on the support of ICE Agency, which, on the occasion, also ensured the participation of an important delegation of buyers coming from China, Japan, Korea, USA and Russia, in addition to the traditional involvement of qualified representatives of the international specialised press,” said Massimo Mosiello, general director of Milano Unica, head of operations of the textiles and accessories trade show since the first edition.

“In this edition as well we have remained loyal to the commitment of making the Italian textiles and accessories trade show also an important cultural moment, representing the extraordinary multiple traditions that contribute to defining made-in-Italy creativity. The magnificent and exciting “On tour” event, dedicated to the flavours and cultural traditions of the Campania region, was an additional success within the success of this edition. This is the second stage of a tour that, thanks to the positive appreciation received, will be continued in the next editions with other Italian regions, with the creation of special and quality events,” concluded Ercole Botto Poala and Massimo Mosiello.

“This edition further enhanced the role of origin passion and beliefs as a platform for the promotion of Italian fashion products. The exhibition included the top businesses operating in this industry, putting them in contact with the product managers of the global fashion brands and thus winning the challenge of promoting and globalising a super-specialised supply chain that features top competencies, making it a directory of excellence for made-in-Italy production. Also very successful were the collaborations with Milano Unica, where origin is strategically downstream of the textile-fashion chain, and with Mise and ICE Agency for the participation of qualified international buyers,” said Corrado Facco, general director of Italian Exhibition Group.

The 12th edition of Milano Unica China will be held during October 11-13, 2017 in Shanghai and 26th edition of Milano Unica will be held during February 6-8, 2018 at Fieramilano Rho.

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