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Mayer & Cie. celebrates schnapps number: Circular knitting machine 77777

A Relanit 3.2 HS is packed for shipping to Torman Tekstil in Istanbul. The Mayer & Cie. top seller is loaded onto pallets, lashed and secured, and packed in gleaming silver-coloured foil.

Nothing out of the ordinary – except for the sheet of white paper marked 77777 revealing what is special about this consignment. The Relanit 3.2 HS is the 77,777th circular knitting machine that Mayer & Cie. has manufactured in over 80 years of circular knitting machine production.

More infrequent than an eclipse of the Moon


Circular knitting machines with a serial number consisting of five identical digits are not something that the Albstadt-based manufacturer ships to customers regularly. After all, 11,111 single or double jersey machines, electronic or mechanical, are manufactured between each schnapps number. Based on an average annual output of 1,200 machines, that corresponds to a period of nine and a half years. So a Mayer & Cie. circular knitting machine with a schnapps number is far less frequent than a lunar eclipse. Statistically speaking, a lunar eclipse can be seen in Albstadt four times per decade.


Relanit 3.2 HS: A machine in a class of its own

The machine type with this special number is, in contrast, much more frequent. The Relanit 3.2 HS is one of Mayer & Cie.’s best-selling circular knitting machines. Knitters all over the world appreciate its reliability and productivity, especially in processing cotton and elastomer yarns. What is more, the Relanit 3.2 HS delivers the desired results with the widest possible range of yarn qualities. As a member of the Relanit family, it is part of a success story that goes back over 30 years. The single jersey machine using relative technology is now heading for its own first five-digit schnapps number since the initial Relanit was launched.

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