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“KTM Fairs Strengthen the Region's Position in Textiles”

Local Production Wires of Dörtaral-Redman at KTM 2019

KTM 2019>>>>Currently serving many sectors and the textile sector, in particular, with its flexible wire types, Dörtaral A.Ş. participates in KTM 2019 with the local production Redman textile wires.

Dörtaral A.Ş, which serves in the textile sector with its experience and its high quality and innovative product range, will take part in the International Kahramanmaraş Textile Machinery Exhibition, which opens its doors for the fifth time, with local production Redman textile wires.

Incorporating Redman Card Co., which has an experience of about 100 years in the field of textile wires, with its production lines, Dörtaral A.Ş. conducts all production activities in the factory in İstanbul.

Simla Aral, owner of Dörtaral A.Ş., gave information about the firm and said that, “In 2004, Redman Card Co. transferred all its experience and production lines to Dörtaral. Currently, the brand Redman totally belongs to Dörtaral. As a first for Turkey, we have supplied the Turkish origin flexible wire types to domestic and foreign companies from our factory in İstanbul for 14 years”.

Stating that although the raw materials used are imported, all the remaining Works are conducted by them in the factory in İstanbul, Aral said that, “We have always emphasized this with proud. It has taken time for us to overcome the bias against the local products, but our only rival was time and we knew it. We knew that time would elapse in favour of us as long as we have maintained our quality and it has happened exactly like this.”

“We can produce all flexible wires used in many sectors”

Dörtaral-Redman, which can make special productions depending on the demands of the customers thanks to the high flexibility in its production line, produces flexible wires for many sectors. Stating that, “Being a production facility to which our customers can easily Access is our biggest flexibility”, Simla Aral added that, “In line with the demands received, we can make different sample works within the framework of certain technical rules. Our clients can closely follow any change in the sample stage and this gives trust and convenience to the buyer. Our product range is not limited to raising wire. We can produce all flexible wires used in the dyeing, automotive, spinning, leather and even food sectors.”

Stating that their exports to the European and Far Eastern markets, in particular, reflect on their product range, Aral said that, “We develop new wire types in line with the demands coming from foreign customers. Our works for developing different types of wires for different markets have turned out to be successful. These successful results have increased our brand recognition a lot. We also share the experiences we obtain in foreign markets with the domestic customers through our R&D works. Therefore, our export power increases our product range.”

“Our Product Diversity and Quality distinguish us from the others”

Stating that they have started to be known as a reliable brand in the whole world thanks to their product diversity and quality standard, Simla Aral said that, “We are a brand which is known and trusted with its quality in the world. Our product diversity and quality distinguish us from the others. Many companies in the world have tried to produce certain products, in which we have proved ourselves. Even some foreign producers used “Redman-type wire is produced” statement in their websites but they could not obtain the same quality and could not achieve the end result. Customers were not satisfied with the product they used.”

Adding that they produced a product, which was not produced before in Turkey, Simla Aral said that contributing to the country, apart from export, increases the pleasure they take from their business. Saying that, “We are proud to export our products with the “Made in Turkey” label, Aral added that, “It is not only about financial gain. We continue our journey with the happiness and pleasure of being a cornerstone in this sector.”

Existing Products and All Innovations at KTM 2019

Sharing her assessments about the 5th Kahramanmaraş International Textile Machinery Exhibition, in which they will take part, Aral said the following about the product groups they will exhibit in the fair, “We participate in fairs in different parts of the world. You need to be prepared depending on the needs of the region. The products can be slightly different depending on the regions or countries. We have a wide range of products in production. In Kahramanmaraş, our felt-based wires are commonly used. Since we have been working with many producers for years, we know their needs and expectations. We will take part in the fair with our new products along with the ones we have already been supplying.”

Stating that they are among the most preferred firms of the sector with Redman textile wires, Aral expressed their satisfaction for taking part in the fair held in Kahramanmaraş, which is one of the most important cities of the textile sector. Sharing her assessments about the importance of the region, Aral said that, “Kahramanmaraş is one of the most important cities of the textile sector. Thanks to its geographical position, it is located in the middle of Kayseri, Adana and Gaziantep, which are the arteries of the textile sector, and this location has enabled it to grow fast and attract textile investments. Since it is a region that we have been following for years, we have witnessed how much it developed in years. We are aware of the importance of the region, and our special services and works for the region continue.”


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