Loepfe Brothers Ltd.

Kohan Textile Journal ; interview with Loepfe Brothers Ltd.

1.  Could you please let us know about your success history and machines that you manufacture?

The company was founded back in 1955 by the two brothers Erich and Helmut Loepfe. Since then Loepfe is a pionieer in Textileelectronic and quiality monitoring in Textile offering innovative solutions for ever increasing quality requirement in the textile process and of course end-product. With our YarnMaster Zenit+ yarn clearers for winding machines Loepfe has set a benchnmark for on-line quality monitoring in spinning.

Today approx. 50% of all wound yarn is quality-checked with our sensors. By adding the brand new product line LabMaster, Loepfe also provides with the two instruments Fibermap and Yarnmap a modern solution for the textile testing labor.

2.   What is your evaluation about Middle East textile market?

Silvano Auciello, Sales Director

We see a good potential for the middle east markets. Iran being a historical textile market since ancient times, we see today a good prospective for new investments.

3.   May I ask about your main export market? What is your target export market in future?

The main export markets at the moment are China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia. We are observing some upcoming textile markets like Uzbekistan. Accoridng to some economists Africa would become an attractive textile-manufacturing place as well.

4.   Please let us know about your exhibition plan in 2017 all around the world. Where and when your customers can meet your latest innovations and products?

We will exhibit a various local fairs like CAITME, Uzbekistan, Shanghaitex, Shanghai.

5.   Do you have any idea about future of textile machinery industry? What happen for situation of European and Asian textile machinery manufacturers?

While some development of new ideas, concepts and machinery seem to take place in Europe, we also observe that some new ideas are developed in Asia. We observe a major shift of manufacturing the machinery in Asia.

6.   You are active in different sectors like Spinning, Weaving and Laboratory, which sector can achieve most innovation in future?

Being active in the three sectors we equilly invest in new developments.

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