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Kazakh light industry ups production by 18.9% in Jan-Oct

Kazakh light industry ups production by 18.9% in Jan-Oct

Kazakhstan raised its volume of production of light industry products by 18.9 per cent in the first 10 months of this year compared to the same period in 2018. The total production of such products during the period was worth $227 million. Textile production grew by 23.7 per cent while that of apparel witnessed a 7.5 per cent growth during the period.

The light industry includes more than 20 sub-sectors, which are combined into three main groups: textile industry (52 per cent), apparel production (38 per cent) and leather and related products (10 per cent), according to the ministry of industry and infrastructure development. It produces both commercial goods and goods for government consumption.

The light industry enterprises produce work clothes for national companies and healthcare institutions; special uniforms for the armed forces, police and other bodies; as well as coats, men’s suits, hosiery, children’s clothing, hats, home textiles and shoes. In addition, domestic enterprises produce cotton yarn and fabrics, blended fabrics, carpets and leather.


In 2019, Bal Textile project, the third workshop producing carpets and rugs, was commissioned for $2.6 million, according to a report in a Kazakh newspaper.

In 2018, five new projects were commissioned, including two in the Ontustyk special economic zone with a total investment of $19 million. Those include the production of processing polyethylene terephthalate (PET) waste and the production of staple fibre, knitted women’s tights, towels, bathrobes, shoes and hay-knitting threads.

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