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Jump after Crisis; HIGHTEX 2010 May 2010

Interview with Mr. Necip Guney, Marketing Director and  Mr. Umit Vural, Director of Technical Operations, Teknik Ltd.

By Kohan Textile Journal (official Hightex 2010 Media Partner)

Interview with Mr. Necip Guney, Marketing Director and  Mr. Umit Vural, Director of Technical Operations, Teknik Ltd.

By Kohan Textile Journal (official Hightex 2010 Media Partner)

According to the new presence of this part of textile industry in the most of the region countries, in your opinion how would be the reception of the visitors?

It will have a relatively positive effect. When we observe the already signed participants, we can already see this effect. The potential of the participants offering innovations for the market and the increasing interest for the technical textiles, is a sign of numerous and qualified visitors. We assume that this interest, which was already proved in the first and in the second edition of HIGHTEX exhibitions will increase and continue in the  3rd edition of the HIGHTEX Exhibitions. As going one step further, we can say that Turkey and its surrounding will be focus of the world in this subject.‎

‎Based on the daily growth of the nonwoven and technical textiles in the countries which possess the textile industry, how would you see the future of these industries?

With the enhancement of high value-added products during the recent years, technical textile market has developed in Turkey, being one of the most important centers of the world textile industry, Manufacturer companies who started business with manufacturing basic products in 1970s, now exports tons of raw materials and finished products of technical textiles to all world. Especially Meltblown, Spunbond, Spunlace, Thermobond, Waterlaid technologies are in demand in Turkey. Technical textile manufacturer companies produce raw materials and mid-products to many sectors, especially;  ready-made clothing, geotextile,home textile, cleaning/cosmetics/hygiene, automotive, packaging, nourishment and industrial sectors. As the manufacturer companies in Turkey has recently discovered that they are a part of the technical textiles market, the are mostly are described as a part of the sector that they serve for.‎

Producers who are delighted from the global demand for their products, are continuously investing in technology to renew their technologies and to enhance their capacities. Besides this, new companies are starting to business in the industry. Turkish producers, who are aiming at starting smart textile production, draw on attention with the lately increased R&D and P&D investments they have made. Especially most of the final products that they bring on to the market attracts huge interest all around the world. ‎

There are hundreds of companies serving on this area in Turkey. It’s the same for the other countries of the region. With the increasing importance and usage area, technical textile products and nonwoven technologies are in dispensible in our lives.Turkey is a textile country and it will maintain it’s situation. Great steps are also achieved in technical textiles. Investments on technical textiles are increasing day by day both in Turkey and in the neighbouring countries. We assume that,with suitable investments and innovative approaches, the future of this sector is very bright.‎


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