Italy to host Paris Print Design Fair next month

Italy to host Paris Print Design Fair next month

The Paris Print Design Fair is set to be held on February 10 and 11, 2019, at the Galerie Joseph Bachaumont in Italy. It is a brand new print + vintage event that will present collections from ten international studios hailing from the UK, Belgium, and the US. Textile Events, the trade show organiser behind the London textile Fair, is organising the event.

As we approach the inevitably hectic weeks of catwalks ahead, the expo will offer the perfect opportunity to source the latest collections in a more intimate and relaxed setting. Paris is historically the fashion capital of the world, hence the vast migration of international fashion houses at this time of year. The event is expecting a great turn out with a large number of pre-registrations already, despite this being the debut show.

European Print studios will have the unique opportunity to present their latest collections to the French buyers and create long term connections within the market, according to a press release on the show.

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