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Interview with Mr. Ziadi ; Ziadi carpet

Baradaran-e Ziadi Carpet Company has an outstanding experience in the business of handmade carpet production and export for 22 years.  We made an interesting interview with Mr. Ziadi, General Manager of the company.

Q:   Please give us an insight about activities of Baradaran-e Ziadi Carpet Company.

A:  We have been in this business for 22 years.  Our main policy has been to identify customer desires and needs in order to find the best way to satisfy them.  We are always up-to-date about market trends and give top priority to be present at international exhibitions.

We are strong in carpet design, natural color selection, and skillful carpet weaving in Iran.  We are fully equipped for producing top quality handmade carpets.  We only have to work hard on identifying market taste.  Many producers believe the more delicate the carpet, the easier it will sell.  I think successful carpet sales depend on three key factors: color, color, and color.

I believe that customers highly value color combination of carpets.  They match carpet color scheme to their house decoration before looking to carpet design.  Carpet color combination should match their furniture, wall paint or covering, curtains, and other household fixtures.  We have taken advantage of our capacity to produce carpet in variety of color schemes for international markets.

Communication media keep producers fully informed about rapid changes in customer needs and expectations forcing them to modify their carpet patterns every six months to offer new collections to the market.  Producers who fail to keep up with market trends rapidly lose their competitive edge.

We have carpet production in locations that are well-known for their high quality, original design, and skillful weavers, including Azerbaijan and Varzaquan.  We have Gabbeh production in many parts of Iran.

Every Iranian city has its own patterns, color schemes, and traditional design.  Each one of these can have its own market.  Therefore, we have no limit for where we have our carpet production.

Carpet production in rural areas is different from large production facilities.  Because, a rural producer ties love, simplicity, purity, and natural beauty with every tie she makes to the carpet.

In spite of duplicate copies made by other countries, Iranian carpet still stands out because of using top quality materials such as Iranian wool, vegetable colors, and silk.  Vegetable color is the exceptional feature of our carpet production.

Q:   What are the features of a good carpet design?

A:   A carpet weaver should never worry about design.  All she has to do is to look around and observe the beauty of mountains covered by flowers in natural surroundings spread out in a plain before her.  I believe every view and color combination can turn into a beautiful carpet.  Carpet is not just a woven material.  It has its own identity and life.

In a recent trip to a rural area in Azerbaijan for Gabbeh I was asked for design and pattern.  I asked a weaver’s child to draw me a painting on a piece of paper.  I gave this drawing to my weavers and asked them to produce the same pattern for me.  I believe a carpet should be full of feelings.

Q:   how important is to participate in international exhibitions?

A:   I believe a handmade carpet company should have a strong presence in international exhibitions in order to get a feel for the market.  Our highest sales volume in exhibitions comes from patterns that have been made based on market interests.

Creation of every employment in industry costs about $50.000.  An employment in handmade carpet industry is costs much less.  Ziadi Carpet Company presently employees 170 families in its carpet production.

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