AL SORAYAI GROUP - Mr. Saleh Nasser Alsorayai

interview with Mr. Saleh Nasser Alsorayai

interview with Mr. Saleh Nasser Alsorayai

Managing Director of Alsorayai Machine Made Carpet Company of Saudi Arabia.

Alsorayai Company of Saudi Arabia and annual production of 85 million Sqm of machine made carpet

Saudi Arabia has experienced very good development within the last recent years in such a manner that this country was able to increase the ratio of its non petroleum export to the level of its oil export and this issue is a big success for Saudi Arabia. In addition to industrial investment, this country is possessing high potential in the religious tourism section in such a manner that this country is hosting number of pilgrimages per annum in the cities of Mecca and Madina. In Saudi Arabia, considering the high volume of construction in the administrate, commercial, hotel construction, the market of carpet and flooring  is very considerable. Saudi Arabia is possessing powerful manufactures in machine made carpet and Tufting which response the main section of demand of local market and also planning to export the products to Europe and U.S.A. We have performed a short interview with Mr. Saleh Naser Alsorayai, Managing Director of this company. This company is producing about 85 million Sqm of types of machine made carpets and tufting. It is to be noted that this interview is performed in the stand of this company at Demotex fair 2013.

In the beginning, please give more explanation about the last product displayed by the Alsorayai group.

This year we have fully concentrated on the contractual markets and high volume of contract market and most products, consumable in these markets like carpet tiles and wall to wall carpets, which the demand is under development with medium and high qualities.

We, considering the importance of design presented wide range of new designs

Alsorayai company is active in the export markets. At present our warehouse in Europe and U.S.A are responding some of the market demand and able to have a good export in countries needing our products.

Saudi companies like your company recently besides the production of carpet show a special concentration on the production of carpet yarn and carpet backing.

What is your opinion about these markets in Europe and U.S.A?

In the yarn production section as mentioned good investments were performed in Saudi Arabic in Alsorayai company and of course other big companies. At present the main portion of production of yarn of our carpet is used by our weaving units and approximately 30% is exported. One of our main characteristic in the production of carpet yarn is very easy accessibility and with competitive prices to the raw materials of carpet yarn which is produced by SABIC company of Saudi Arabia and this cause to more added value. With the interments carried out, at present Alsorayai company is possessing 12 extruder lines, 50 tufting carpets production machines and 30 face to face carpet weaving machines.

With these facilities we are able to produce 85 million Sqm of types of carpets. Most of our products made of polypropylene carpet yarn because SABIC is providing this chop to us with very reasonable price.

What is your opinion about carpet and flooring industry in the Middle East?

In my opinion, future in the Middle East region is very hopeful especially considering new construction in the region, the market is increasing. Especially in Saudi Arabic the construction of new hotels, airports and new office and commercial complexes, has opened a wide range of market for carpet producers. In Qatar due to inauguration of world cup, hotels and wide range of infrastructures under construction, all needs of carpet and parquet is provided. Also, there is a good market in Mecca where there is more construction with high quality every year.

Considering the wide export, how you estimate the demand of various places throughout the world from the viewpoint of color and design?

As mentioned, considering the various export markets, Alsorayai company is possessing a powerful designing team, we have very good communication and contact with the European, American and Far East Designing Societies. These communications besides professional designers creates the estimation of various demand for us.

Because every market having deferent demand and style. For this reason we are searching the market demand.

Whether presence of various international fairs provides better accessibility to the customer for you?

Certainly, for Alsorayai company fairs like Demotex Hanover, Demotex Shanghai, Fair of Las Vegas and Gaziantep of Turkey is very important and we are trying to have active participation in these events.

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