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Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles

Interview with Messe Frankfurt (HK) Limited Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles

Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles

  1. “The gateway to Asia’s home living” this is your slogan. Could you please explain why you select it?

Our show is the leading gateway for industry players who are interested in tapping into Asia’s home living market as we are the biggest trade fair of its kind in Asia. We are well known and praised as a sourcin platform to do business by Chinese and Asian industry players, while China, Korea and Japan are the top three visitor groups.

  1. Intertextile Shanghai is one of most popular events in home Textile sector, what is the differences of this event with others?

Intertextile Shanghai is a show that caters to needs of all industry players. This is because we have a wide range of exhibitors which specialise in different home textile products in various price ranges, while buyers come from nearly 100 countries including the biggest brands in the industry. We also differ from other shows in that not only do big brands exhibit, but also a wide range of medium sized suppliers as well.

  1. From top 10 visitors countries of Intertextile Shanghai we have 2 country from middle east ; Iran and UAE , what do you think about Middle East textile market?

On the buyer side we see a lot of potential for those from the Middle East to fulfil their sourcing needs at the fair as there are few other sourcing events where this variety of Chinese suppliers can be found under one roof. The quality of Chinese-produced home textiles products has increased noticeably in the last few years, ensuring standards will be up to the level of discerning Middle East buyers.

On the exhibitor side, we continue to have strong feedback from the Morocco Pavilion which returns again to the fair, while the carpet & rug market continues to grow in the Chinese market with buyers specifically seeking suppliers from the Middle East.

  1. Please explain more about your Busines maching system, how it can help to visitors and exhibitors for better deals?

Business matching is pre-arranged so that our VIP buyers are provided list of exhibitors to select before the show. That saves their time in walking around the fairground in searching the right suppliers. Visitors can also have a better understanding on the suppliers before actually getting in touch with them onsite. While it is also beneficial to our exhibitors that our VIP buyers are mostly from big brands and with decision making power. Readers of Kohan Journal interested in this should programme should contact Jacqueline Chan at jacqueline.chan@hongkong.messefrankfurt.com.

  1. How is your evaliuation about textile market in Asia?

In the overall Asian textile market, we are seeing a lot more positivity from suppliers and buyers at our fairs over the last year following a period around 2015 when there was less optimism. Chinese consumer confidence has rebounded, which is benefiting among others quality suppliers from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the like. Furthermore, the restructuring and upgrading of the domestic textile manufacturing industry has ensured Chinese companies are better able to adapt to changes in the market, while the relocation of some textile manufacturing to Southeast Asia is benefiting this region, as is the investment pouring in through China’s One Belt One Road initiative.

  1. Please explain more about last edition numbers and statistics.

In 2016, we welcomed more than 1,100 exhibitors from 30 countries and regions but are expecting an increase in this number this year. We have a huge visitor base with nearly 38,000 buyers from 98 countries and regions attending last year.

  1. Do you organize any seminars or event beside the show?

Given the growing demand for digital printing products, we have invited companies and experts to share insights on this particular market in a series of seminars, while other seminars and a trend forum are presented onsite. Topics and details will be published on our website soon.

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