Paolo Crespi Epson textile digital printiners Monalisa

Paolo Crespi: Sustainability in Digitial Textile Printing means Flexibility …

Interview with Mr. Paolo Crespi Commercial Director at Epson

Evolving from parent company Seiko, Epson is now at the forefront of digital imaging technology. Expanding on its traditional strengths in the areas of printers, projectors, scanners and ink, Epson excels as a manufacturer of information-related technology.

In this interview, Mr. Paolo Crespi, while fully explaining Epson’s latest products and technologies at the exhibition, pointed out very important facts about digital textile printing. Pointing out that the textile industry of the Middle East and Africa will face good growth in the future, added “The Middle East and Africa region is a virgin land for the textile industry, and soon or late the textile industry will migrate to this region, and especially textile digital printing will play an important role in this development.”
Below you can see Kohan Textile Journal Exclusive interview with Mr. Paolo Crespi Commercial Director at Epson.

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