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Tonello: A Well-Known Brand for Denim Manufacturers in the Middle East and African Market

Interview With Mr. Alberto Lucchin Marketing & Sustainability Manager at Tonello

OUR LAND, THE VENETO, IS RICH IN HISTORY, ART, AND BEAUTY. It was the cradle of the Italian textile industry, and today it is the key production center for brands in the fashion system. Since the Seventies, it has reinvented denim and had changed the very way of conceiving jeans. And since 1981, we Tonello srl, here, have been a reference point for the most important international laundries and dyeing factories, contributing to the “Made In Italy” success around the world.

Below you can find our exclusive interview with Mr. Alberto Lucchin about Tonello latest innovations and technologies exhibited in ITMA 2023 …



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