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Intensive Visitor Interest to KTM 2019

Intensive Visitor Interest to KTM 2019

KTM 2019, where domestic and foreign brands exhibited the latest technologies and products, hosted an organization that steered the sector.

Technology and innovation-oriented leading companies exhibiting the latest technology and trends in the textile machinery and in the machine accessories field at the fair also had the opportunity to offer their visitors the best products with the most competitive price.  KTM 2019, acknowledged as the central hub for the textile sector, has witnessed countless agreements signed by the leaders of the sector and ongoing support had the major importance to win new clients. KTM Fair has a positive contribution both on the Kahramanmaraş and the surrounding regions in terms of the positive input placed on the economy and the qualified workforce.

Traditional Meeting Platform of the Textile Machinery Sector

Kahramanmaraş Governor Vahdettin ÖZKAN, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Hayrettin Güngör, and Serdar Zabun, President of Kahramanmaraş Chamber of Commerce and Industry, were present at the opening ceremony of the 5th International Textile Machinery Fair KTM 2019 and the organization has defined itself with the mission of bringing machine manufacturers, whose main purpose is the reach of target markets and expansion of customer portfolio, and professional visitors together in order to support the textile sector important for the national economy.

Kahramanmaraş Textile Machinery Fair, organized by ECR Fuarcılık and acknowledged as the most important international textile machinery fair of the region, took place with the main sponsorship of İTHİB and with the support of Kahramanmaraş Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“KTM Fair is an international organization integrated with Kahramanmaraş industry.”

Ümit Vural, General Manager of ECR ​​Fairs, evaluated this year’s KTM Fair with the following words; “This year was the year of ITMA. Despite the economic crisis in Turkey and ITMA 2019, I can say with a confidence that KTM was a successful exhibition. Through the organization of the ITMA Tour, significant reduction in the visitor figures foreseen by the management in comparison with the previous editions.  Especially the excessive increase in Dollar and Euro has pushed many textile companies to a hesitant situation when it comes to a decision whether to attend ITMA or not. Despite these negative developments, our company was able to organize a tour to ITMA with a record participation of 550 people’’said Vural and continued his speech with the following by underlining the importance and success of KTM Fair, ‘’KTM is an international organization integrated with Kahramanmaraş industry. The fair has been a meeting hub for the visitors from the provinces of Kahramanmaraş and nearby Malatya, Osmaniye, Adana, Şanlıurfa, Adıyaman, Kayseri and who does not have chance to participate fairs abroad and the fair it will continue to preserve its’ importance and success in the coming years ”

Ümit Vural maintained his speech by communicating data about the participating companies and sectoral representatives and said, ‘’ Many domestic and foreign new companies that have not participated in KTM Fairs will have the opportunity to exhibit their new technologies and to meet new customers. At the same time, a number of company and representative welcomed sector representatives at their facility after the completion of the fair. UTZ meetings also appreciated with great interest which has taken place under the main organizatorship of the Kahramanmaraş Chamber of Commerce and Industry. KTM Fair will take place at KAFUM Exhibition Centre in 2020 with the cooperation of the Kahramanmaraş Chamber of Commerce and Industry thanks to the previous editions succeeded by the organizator every year.’’

KTM Fair regarded as the focal point with the exhibitors and visitors in consistent with the previous years, hosted the most innovative products of the sectoral companies and international brands coming from 19 different cities of the nation. KTM Fair, which hosted important innovations for three days, opened its doors to 9,612 visitors from Kahramanmaraş, especially Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Malatya, Osmaniye, Adana, Adıyaman and Kayseri.

Domestic and international guests shared their opinion on the KTM 2019 Fair in which the state-of-the art technologies exhibited in the sector;

’Buying a Machine’’

Kahramanmaraş-based Tüsa Group’s Yarn and Denim Factory Manager Cebrail Kahveci,  “It has already been a positive year from my point of view since the fair is happening just around the corner. We have purchased even a machine during the fair. In addition, the increased awaraness on the city marked with ‘Yarn Center’ motto. It is a good organization for the city. In general, such fairs take place in Europe, Istanbul, and only senior executives would participate to KTM Fairs; but masters, technicians and staff should pursue, motivate, establish a bond with and follow the sector closely. We understand the importance of KTM Fairs only under the conditions stated above.’’

Mustafa Özcan from Bulut Tekstil, based in Gaziantep, said; ‘’ We welcomed with good hospitality and close intimacy. It was a very busy fair in terms of the number of exhibitors and visitors. There were also companies exhibited we have conducted before. I can say that we are satisfied overall.’’

Atlas Denim Weaving Operations Manager, located in Adana, Nihat ÖCEŞ said, ‘’ I was able to visit the fair on the last day. It was a nice experience for me. However, in the weaving field, I encountered equipment that has lower quality than I expected. I’m the weaving manager, naturally I turned to weaving. We want companies to participate in such fairs with more machines. Overall I had a nice fair. ”

Fatih Portakal from Kahramanmaraş, Centeks, “Although the participation was poor, I think the fair was good. New machines are familiar. We had the chance to evaluate the latest developments in the sector. ”

Ilsan Textile, main center located in Malatya, Ring Business Maintenance Chief Uğur Arpacı said the following, ‘’We saw very few machines despite the attendance of the machinery fair. Instead, the companies provided information with pictures and animations. Other than that, it was a beautiful fair. ”

‘’Our industrialists should support such fairs”

Ali Öksüz, Technical General Manager Assistant from Kahramanmaraş Kipaş said, ’’I think that KTM Fair is a good reference for the city itself. Our industrialists need to support such fairs. I am grateful about the participation numbers of the companies. Some of them introduced their machines with animations on the screens even though they did not bring any machines. ”

Ahmet Burtaç Kıray from Türkhan Tekstil said, ‘’We are attending a fair and express our happiness on behalf of Kahramanmaraş. I would like to thank all the companies in the fair and the authorities who have made the fair possible. Visitors and attendance were at the forefront of the fair, which was closely followed by the sector and investment regions. The interest of the executives of the textile company as well as the employees of the sector drew attention. At the same time, textile students were welcomed with a stand dedicated to the Chamber of Textile Engineers. KTM Fair, where all segments of the textile industry come together, continues to have a great impact with the following editions.’’

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