$123m Worth of Machine-Made Rugs Exported from Kashan

Growth of Iranian Carpet Exports , Reasons and Goals

No one in the world knows that Iran is the birthplace and carpet of many millennia.  A country that has been the world’s largest producer and exporter of handmade carpets for hundreds of years, and still people around the world know “handmade carpets” as Iran.

And in the continuation of this glorious way of handmade carpets in Iran, in 1351  (1973) The first Iranian carpet was born in Kashan velvet and silk factories.

Since that year, with more than 1,000 machine-made factories in Iran producing and exporting all kinds of machine-made carpets, Iran’s machine-made carpet industry has been a booming year.

An examination of the production and export statistics of car flooring shows that, although slowly, Iran is penetrating the car flooring market and increasing its share in the international arena.

Statistics from the Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce show that Iran’s carpet exports have jumped from $ 50 million to $ 430 million in 2018 over the past ten years.

The significant growth of Iran’s carpet exports in recent years (despite heavy international sanctions) seems to have several reasons, some of which will be discussed below.

Iran's machine-made carpet industry in post-Corona

Saturation of the domestic market

Currently, 90 million square meters of machine flooring is produced in Iran annually, with nearly 75% of it fully meeting the needs of the Iranian market.


Therefore, the production capacity of machine flooring in Iran is surplus to the domestic consumption of this product.  Therefore, there is a fierce competition between Iranian carpet manufacturers to maintain and improve their share of the domestic market.

Under such circumstances, many carpet manufacturers in Iran see their continued survival in increasing exports of their manufactured products.

It seems that by the year 1404 AD.  (2025) Iranian carpet-producing companies, which cannot export at least 50% of their production, will be eliminated from the competition.  The increasing number of Iranian carpet exporters over the past few years confirms that manufacturers in Iran have realized that they can no longer rely entirely on the domestic market and have felt the danger of being eliminated from competition.

The decline in the purchasing power of the people inside Iran, which is also a result of the decline in the value of the Iranian national currency, has made the sound of this alarm sound louder and closer than ever to the carpet makers in Iran.

The devaluation of the Iranian national currency

The value of the Iranian national currency’s “rial” against international currencies, especially the dollar, has fallen sharply in recent years.  This has made exporting the main choice of Iranian carpet manufacturing companies a viable option.

Although the bulk of raw materials and almost all machinery of carpet production lines are imported from outside Iran, due to the very low cost of labor and energy much cheaper than international rates in Iran as well as the self-sufficiency in domestic production of some raw materials such as  Polyester, polypropylene, cotton and polyester/cotton yarns as well as localization of parts of machinery and spare parts consumed, the finished carpet price in Iran is very low compared to other serious international competitors such as Turkey and Belgium.

Be more.  This international competitiveness, along with tax breaks and government incentives, have made Iranian carpet manufacturers in recent years a major effort to export their goods.

Iran's machine-made carpet industry

 Thousands of years of support in flooring production

Iranians are proficient in the production of flooring in the world.  Iranians with historical background and deep-rooted skills know and understand the concept of flooring.  And this skill, which can drive creativity and innovation, has contributed greatly to the development of the Iranian carpet industry.

The development of unique carpet designs and designs for the world’s highest density carpets is based on thousands of years of Iranian hands-on experience in the production of exquisite handmade carpets.  Today, Iran is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and exporters of high-resolution, high-resolution map and colour carpets.

Undoubtedly, one of the competitive advantages of the Iranian carpet industry compared to international competitors is the renowned reputation and reputation of the Iranian carpet to foreign customers worldwide.

largest carpet

Quality Improvement

Since the Iranian carpet industry, unlike most of Iran’s state-owned industries, is a completely private and non-state-funded industry, its investors have in recent years made every effort to bring a quality product acceptable to domestic and domestic markets.

To supply foreign.  Many carpet manufacturers and exporters in Iran, in particular, have realized that sustained sales and exports depend on the supply of high-quality product globally.

Establishing an international quality control system such as ISO, establishing an R&D unit in factories, setting up a carpet research centre, setting up standard laboratories, using high-quality raw materials, etc. are among the most important steps in the Iranian carpet industry.  Improved product quality.

Of course, the strict supervision of the Standard Organization of Iran on manufactured products, especially export goods, has also had a significant impact on the quality improvement of Iranian carpets in recent years.

Tehran International Floor Covering and Machine made Carpet exhibition
Tehran International Floor Covering and Machine made Carpet exhibition

 Diversity, customization and attention to the preferences of foreign customers

For many years, the Iranian carpet industry has been producing and supplying carpets regardless of customers’ wishes.  But Iranian carpet makers and carpet makers have quickly realized that customer-centricity and customer preference is a key principle in world trade as they enter international markets.

So by dispatching business teams and even solo presence in global markets, they have tried to get a better understanding of the tastes, designs and dimensions of the carpet needed by foreign customers.  At present, the wide variety of products manufactured by Iranian carpet industry and special attention to different orders of foreign customers, has made Iranian carpet to meet every need, taste and service of our customers from all over the world.

Exports to more than 70 countries are the result of such a shift in attitude among Iranian carpet industry leaders.

Mena Carpet News
Mena Carpet News

Special attention to branding

In the last ten years, there has been a significant shift in branding in the Iranian carpet industry.  The birth and growth of emerging brands, especially in the production of high-density carpets alongside the major Iranian traditional carpet brands, show the special attention of industry managers to branding, which is one of the requirements and prerequisites for sustainable development of the domestic market and export internationally.

Specialized conferences and conferences on machine carpet branding, training courses, government support for intellectual property rights of brand owners, etc. are among the measures taken in the last decade in the Iranian carpet industry.

Eliminating Toxics in Carpet

 Attending international fairs

In recent years a large number of Iranian carpet production companies have tried to present their products to foreign customers by attending international exhibitions such as Demotex (Hanover, China and Antep Turkey).  Understand the needs and tastes of foreign customers.

Currently, the most important international exhibitions that Iranian carpet companies are interested in attending are Demotex Germany and Demotex Gezi Antep Turkey.  There are two exhibitions that are in the field of intense competition between competing countries producing and exporting flooring in the world such as Turkey, Belgium, Iran, Egypt and so on.

Sector Leaders of Machine Made Carpet in 2018

Sector Leaders of Machine Made Carpet in 2020

 And last word …

Iran’s carpet industry looks set to reach 2020 by 2020.  It exceeded its $ 500 million export target, reaching the target market countries of more than 85 countries.  This is precisely in line with the goals set out in the Strategic Roadmap of the Iranian Carpet Industry, which has achieved a billion-dollar export and is ranked second in the world’s largest carpet exporter 1404 (2025 AD).  The goal seems to be far from reachable.




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