Domotex Hannover 2021 to feature new themes, layout

Hannover, Germany—Innovative techniques for the skilled trades, modern approaches to retailing, new inspiration for commercial contracting, plus new materials and forward-looking trends—all of this, and a change of perspective, will be in the spotlight at the next Domotex, to be held here January 15-18, 2021, the show said.

The new Keynote theme “Cover New Ground!” aims is to motivate people to go beyond previous strategies, visions and experiences in flooring design and applications and look to the future, according to the show.

“We need new perspectives, and Domotex 2021 is dedicated to providing incentives for our industry,” said Sonia Wedell-Castellano, global director of Domotex. “The Global Flooring Alliance, i.e. the association of international flooring wholesalers, has reported a positive run in the first quarter of 2020, despite the corona crisis.

Some exhibitors have even reported generating unexpected growth as a result of an acceleration of public projects. And so we, too, are optimistic in these challenging times and will ensure that in January 2021 we can offer the flooring industry a first-class platform and a clearly perceptible upswing for their businesses.

Of course, we also guarantee the safety of our guests by implementing the hygiene and distance concepts specified by the Robert Koch Institute.”

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New benefits for attendees of the January trade show

In January 2020, some 35,000 visitors, 70% of them coming from abroad, attended Domotex for information and ordering purposes, according to the show. Decision-makers accounted for 90% of all attendees, taking in the products and services of 1,400 exhibitors from more than 60 nations.

Figures like these, the show said, underscore the status of this fair as a global marketplace for the industry, where not only new contacts are made, but concrete business deals are sealed.

“We are going to widen these benefits,” Wedell-Castellano said. “By swiftly reacting to the needs of our exhibitors and visitors, we are taking special efforts to ensure that a trip to the fair becomes even more efficient and attractive than it already is.

Our strategy is to continue to discuss with as many players as possible about the contribution we can make to the success of our stakeholders through agenda-setting, storytelling, special platforms and additional offerings. Initial roundtable discussions with exhibitors and associations have taken place in recent weeks and months, with more in the planning.”

Highlights and business hubs coming to every display sector

Already at Domotex 2020, the previous close dialogue with industry players led to a change in exhibition layout: The various product categories were brought together even more systematically to provide trade show attendees with the best possible market overview.

This process will continue at Domotex 2021, according to the show, where the individual product categories will have their own creative hotspots under the motto “Cover New Ground!”

At these “Flooring Parks,” the display sectors of Carpets, Fibers & Yarns in Hall 11 as well as Resilient Flooring & Design

Flooring, Parquet & Laminate Flooring and Application & Installation Technology in Hall 12 will each have their own stage, with product highlights staged in concrete interior applications and functioning as trend shows. In keeping with the lead theme of the fair, these inspiring interiors will present an optimistic, forward-looking angle on floor coverings.

Exhibitors who wish to show their products in exactly this context can submit their interior designs and receive their own free area, thus making themselves visible as industry pacesetters in keeping with the motto “Cover New Ground!”

The Flooring Parks will not only serve as a source of inspiration for interior decorators and trend-oriented visitors, but will also provide retailers with an incentive for their own unusual product displays.

As a measure derived from the previous “Framing Trends” special show, they bring together inspiration and business requirements even more strongly.

Amid all these special areas, Domotex offers its exhibitors exclusive business hubs. In hosted communication zones, manufacturers and customers can withdraw to a relaxing environment and conclude business deals.

Effective immediately, companies can submit their ideas and register for the Flooring Parks.

As a special highlight for the hand-made carpets, the “Carpet Design Awards” will again be presented in Hall 3 in 2021 and the best nominations and winners will be shown in a special exhibition.

In addition, the accompanying forum program with exciting topics related to the precious items will be expanded to three days at the fair.

Changes to the trade show site plan: Shorter distances between halls

With the decentralization of the Framing Trends into the category-focused Flooring Parks in the respective halls, the southern halls are moving northwards and the western halls southwards—making walking distances shorter.

The new site plan aims to help attendees navigate their way around the exhibition grounds even more quickly and conveniently.

“We will also continue to maintain our informative, high-caliber event program with our Speakers Corner, Guided Tours and award ceremonies,” Wedell-Castellano said. “These are so much appreciated by the community and will now also take place in their respective market environment, i.e. Halls 3, 11 and 12.

With well-known speakers and guides, we can guarantee we’ll be catering to all the special needs and requirements of the various target groups. For invited guests at our Retailer’s Club, for example, we are opening an ample-sized lounge in Hall 7, which will serve as a central meeting point for all retailing delegations.

We are working at full speed to smooth out all the details and provide our customers with all the relevant information as soon as possible.”


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