European Textile Strategy Event Sets the Stage for Sustainable Innovation

European Textile Strategy Event Sets the Stage for Sustainable Innovation

A collaborative effort between Centexbel, Creamoda, EURATEX, and Fedustria is poised to ignite discussions surrounding the European textile strategy for sustainability and circularity. Taking place during the Belgian EU presidency, this event aims to gather European policy-makers, Belgian politicians, industry experts, and textile stakeholders for a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights.

With the overarching goal of enhancing awareness and understanding of the European textile strategy among key stakeholders, the event also seeks to spotlight the Belgian textile sector as a hub of innovation, sustainability, and circularity.

The event, scheduled for March 26, 2024, will feature three compelling panel discussions, each delving into different dimensions of the textile strategy:

Panel Discussion 1: The industrial dimension of the Textile Strategy, moderated by Karla Basselier, CEO Fedustria, will explore the alignment of the European textile strategy with industrial policies, emphasizing the intertwined nature of sustainability and competitiveness.

Panel Discussion 2: Shifting the focus to the global dimension of the Textile Strategy, moderated by Dirk Van Tyghem, General Director Euratex, will delve into key findings from the REACH4Textiles study by Centexbel, addressing market surveillance, ISO standards, and the pursuit of a level playing field.

Panel Discussion 3: Led by Lutz Walter, Director of the European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing, this panel will spotlight innovation in the textile sector, featuring discussions on cutting-edge products, processes, and collaborations driving sustainable advancements.

The event, to be held at De Warande in Brussels, will commence with a warm welcome at 1:00 pm, followed by engaging panel discussions until 4:15 pm, culminating in a reception to foster networking and collaboration.

With the proceedings conducted in English, the event promises accessibility to a diverse audience, with convenient transportation options available.

As the textile industry navigates towards a more sustainable future, this event stands as a beacon of collaboration, innovation, and progress, shaping the trajectory of the European textile landscape.

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